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% Arabica – Asian minimalism, African coffee roastery, and Arabic meeting place

"% Arabica is about my love for coffee, design, and seeing the world" says Ken Shoji, founder and CEO of % Arabica. Ken's story began in Tokyo, although I found him in Kuwait. "My father was the owner of a manufacturing and trading company, and together with his frequent business trips, they would take me overseas whenever possible – ultimately helping to inspire my love of multiculturalism, design, and architecture."

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& Other Stories – Where women curate their own personal style

& Other Stories headquarters in Stockholm are surprisingly low-key. Located on a quiet street in a residential part of the city, it's a far cry from the vision of ultra-hip Swedish cool that H&M and its other brands seek to project on the world. Unlike Zara's portfolio of fashion brands that target different ages and attitudes, H&M's portfolio is more a collection of different lifestyle concepts. More interesting, and distinctive.

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1Atelier – Personalisation becomes the new luxury

1Atelier is reinventing bespoke luxury accessories for the 21st century, helping consumers to create exquisitely handcrafted handbags, and more.

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23andMe – The $99 DNA profile could change your life

23andMe can transform our attitudes to health, diet and mortality … but also entire industries, drugs driven by future needs, healthcare refocused on prevention, insurance premiums to reflecting new risks.

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77 Diamonds – Diamonds are the real thing, even for online retailers.

Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller, set up by two twenty-something friends, one a banker, the other the son of a diamond miner. Today they run a $25m business, across 77 countries, delivering finely crafted diamond jewellery direct to consumers through a luxury service that offers great value.

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A Boring Life – Embracing CBD to relieve the stress and anxieties of a busy life

A Boring Life makes high quality, chef-curated natural snack foods infused with hemp extract to support a more relaxed lifestyle. Their first product line pairs high protein nuts, rich in Omega 3's with the calming properties of Hemp Extract/CBD. Add roasted almonds with lavender, dark chocolate & sea salt almonds and sweet & spicy walnuts, and much more too. They say they are here to offer a natural solution to the stress and anxiety of the modern world, by bringing forward a more boring way to live.

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Adidas – Sport has the power to change lives

Adidas, inspired by its heritage, seeks to push the boundaries of culture and human performance. Through sport, it believes it has the power to change lives. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the business employs more than 57,000 people across the globe.

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AeroFarms – Vertical farming in a crowded world

Aerofarms grow delicious, nutritious leafy greens and herbs without sunlight and soil. Crops get the perfect amount of moisture and nutrients misted directly onto their roots in a completely controlled environment. With patented technology, Aerofarms take indoor vertical farming to a new level of precision and productivity with minimal environmental impact and virtually zero risk.

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Aeromobil – The incredible flying cars from Bratislava

The flying car has long captured the imagination of the futurist. For Stefan Klein it was his life's passion. When he retired from designing cars, the inventor set his mind to adding wings.

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Agua Bendita – Handmade swimwear from the colourful scraps of Colombia

Agua Bendita makes super-luxury handmade bikinis, inspired by their Colombian roots: gorgeous, sophisticated, and alive with colour and innovative fabrics. Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza founded the brand whilst studying fashion, inspired by the scraps of brightly coloured fabrics discarded by Catalina's father's clothing factory. Nearly a decade later, their suits are seen in stores around the world and on celebrities on the beaches of the world. What makes them particularly special are the contributions of Colombian artisans, 700 single mothers with a passion for making beautiful clothes.

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Airbnb – Now you can belong anywhere

Airbnb is a great example of collaborative consumption, making more of under-utilised assets, whilst also enjoying the social experience of sharing. All built around a sustaining community.

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Alibaba – Connecting the world's businesses

Alibaba is a trading platform for the new world order, enabling a small business in remote China to deal directly with a large corporate, for any entrepreneur to access a global marketplace.

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Allbirds – The world's most comfortable shoes

Allbirds is on a mission to prove that comfort, good design and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The San Francisco-based direct-to-consumer brand designs environmentally friendly footwear, and is a certified B Corporation. Co-founder Tim Brown got his idea while he was vice captain of the New Zealand football team. He had previously attended business school and used to make leather shoes for friends but was aware of how uncomfortable they were. In 2014, he received a research grant from the New Zealand wool industry to engineer a sneaker, and then launched his idea on Kickstarter, raising $119,000 in five days. After launching on Kickstarter, Brown teamed up with Joey Zwillinger, a biotech engineer and renewable materials expert. The co-founders began developing their process and officially launched Allbirds in March 2016. Within 30 months, the company was valued at $1.4 billion.

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Amazon – A mission to become the world's most customer-centric business

Amazon, from Dash to drones, Alexa and Echo, uses technology to disrupt and redefine a range of adjacent industry, and then do it again, whilst adding new business models that create a convenient and personalised customer experience.

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Apple – Designed in California, loved around the world

Apple’s story is retold a thousand times. But in a world of relentless innovation and imitation, the brand needs to reassert itself, as more than its products, and more than Steve Jobs.

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ARM – Designing the architecture of the digital world

ARM designs the chips inside most of the world’s smartphones, and increasingly other devices, creating an ecosystem of research and innovation with its partners, and most of the world’s device brands as licensee customers.

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Ashmei – Sportswear without compromise

Focusing on designing the very best apparel for serious runners and triathletes, Ashmei refuses to compromise. Combining the best fabric and production from around the globe, focusing on niche audiences who are prepared to pay more for their passion, outplays the mainstream brands.

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Aspiration – Investing with a conscience

Aspiration was born to be the financial firm for everyone. Because everyone deserves access to the best banking and investing products. Everyone deserves a financial partner they are confident they can trust. And everyone deserves to put their money in an institution that puts “good” ahead of “greed.” Profits are important. But what sets Aspiration apart is the belief that people are too. Our “Pay What Is Fair” fees mean we go to work every day committed to do great for our customers. And as a financial firm with a conscience, we are motivated by the mission to help you make money and make a difference at the same time.

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Ava Winery – Turning water into wine ... including a $50 replica Dom Pérignon

Ava is a venture-backed food technology startup based in San Francisco creating synthetic wine without grapes or fermentation by analysing the molecular profile of wines to recreate and even perfect them. Ava's mission is to recreate the experience of wine without having to recreate the process of traditional winemaking, making the great vintages available to everyone.

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Babylon Health – Everyone's personal health service

Babylon seeks to to democratise healthcare by putting an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person on earth. In order to achieve this babylon has brought together one of the largest teams of scientists, clinicians, mathematicians and engineers to focus on combining the ever growing computing power of machines with the best medical expertise of humans to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalised health service and make it universally available.

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Basmaty – The Arabic cookery community

Basmaty brings together the best ideas for cooking across the Middle East. The content-based community shares culinary ideas and inspirations from the regions top chefs and food entrepreneurs.

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BeMyGuest – Taking Asian travellers off the beaten path

BeMyGuest is your gateway to Asia, in one sense an online marketplace of small travel companies from across the continent, but more importantly a traveller's guide to the most unusual, interesting and spectacular places in a largely undiscovered continent.

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Bolt Threads – Synthetic spider silk for a better world

Bolt Threads is a materials innovation company. Taking nature as our inspiration, we use cutting-edge technology and biology to develop new textiles and materials that raise the bar for sustainability.

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Boom Supersonic – Supersonic is back with a boom

Supersonic flight has existed for over 50 years. Yet the Concorde of the 70s and 80s seems a distant memory, and everyone returned to jumbos and dreamliners. Until now. A breakthrough aerodynamic design, state-of-the-art engine technology, and advanced composite materials enable an ultra-fast airliner as efficient and affordable as business class in today's subsonic wide-body airliners.

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Bravado – Turning bands into brands

"Bravado lives at the crossroads of music and fashion. We understand the power of smart merchandising, and we know how to create products that spark organic, emotional connections between fans and artists. Our world class capabilities have made us the leading provider of consumer, lifestyle and brand management services around the world. With teams in 40 countries, we create a tailored approach for every project — from creating new spaces in the market to bringing an artist’s creative vision to life. Bravado is about building brands and legacies that live on, beyond the music."

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Brewdog – Beer for punks, irreverent and brilliant

James Watt and Martin Dickie were bored of the industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ales that dominated the UK beer market. Sat in their local Scottish pub, they decided the best option was to brew our own. In April 2007 BrewDog was born.

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Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. – A gallon of gravity, a can of X-Ray vision

Charities and non-profits can be some of the most innovative businesses. Yet too often they forget to engage and inspire their audiences, with all predictable fundraising campaigns. Not here!

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Brunello Cucinelli – Cashmere from the village of Solomeo

“During my lifetime I have always nurtured a dream: useful work to achieve an important goal. I have always felt that business profit alone was not enough to fulfil my dream and a higher purpose was to be found”.

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Buurtzorg – The revolutionary Dutch healthcare model

The fully self-managed home-care organisation in The Netherlands has grown to 14,000 employees in a decade. Customer satisfaction is highest in their segment while employee satisfaction is through the roof. In 2006, Jos de Blok started Buurtzorg with a team of 4 nurses. After being a nurse himself for years at a traditional home-care organisation, Jos felt their way of working got in the way of delivering proper healthcare due to too much bureaucracy and too little autonomy. Today Buurtzorg employs over 14,000 nurses and care workers.

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BuzzFeed – Shaking up media across the globe

The digital media powerhouse, read by over 200 million people every month, was declared the world's most innovative company in 2016.

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BYD – Build Your Dreams: The world's leading EV business

BYD (or 比亚迪股份有限公司) is a publicly-listed Chinese manufacturing company based in Shenzhen. It was founded by Wang Chuanfu in February 1995, and has two major subsidiaries, BYD Automobile and BYD Electronic. Collectively, BYD manufactures automobiles, buses, electric bicycles, trucks, forklifts, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, and more. It has grown to become one of the world's most valuable automakers, and a leader in EVs (most notably full-electric and hybrid cars, buses, trucks, etc.), battery-powered bicycles, forklift, solar panels and rechargeable batteries (mobile phone batteries, electric vehicle batteries and renewable bulk storage). It is currently the world's biggest mobile phone batteries manufacturer.

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Bytedance – Chinese AI-enabled news and entertainment platform

If you live outside of Asia, you’re about to get more familiar with the five-year-old internet news and video aggregator. Bytedance is already a household name in China, where its Toutiao information and content-recommendation service garners north of 120 million daily active users in the country. In early 2018 the Beijing-based company, with a valuation around $20 billion, started making bigger moves to crack into the world of mobile video, media and entertainment.

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Cabi – Direct selling fashion to change women's lives

Cabi is the ultimate personal shopping experience and the most sought after home-based career! With Cabi, we bring the shopping to you! You open your home to your girlfriends, serve a quick and easy spread of food and wine, and leave the rest to your cabi Stylist.

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Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. It is available on web and mobile, and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations. Users can choose from many professional designed templates, and edit the designs and upload their own photos through a drag and drop interface. The platform is free to use, and paid subscriptions like Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise offer additional functionality. Users can also pay for physical products to be printed and shipped. As of 2019, Canva last raised at a $3.2 billion valuation and has over 20 million users across 190 countries.

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Casper – Reinventing the way we sleep

The concept was simple: Produce the best mattress possible at an affordable price, sell a single model, and deliver it quickly, for free, with a 100-day trial period. It worked: Casper had sales of $1 million in its first month. The company has since raised $70 million in venture capital, grown to 120 employees, and hit $100 million in cumulative sales in its first 2 years.

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City Football Group – Reinventing the football club, from Manchester to Yokohama

Frank Lampard was reluctant to leave his beloved Chelsea for any other English team. Like many star players in their final years, he chose America, joined New York City FC as they launched into the MLS. He started off well, too well actually, because soon the club's owners wanted him to play elsewhere, for their English club, Manchester City. Lampard had little choice, realising that he'd signed up to a network of clubs, rather than one. It symbolised the future of football.

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia – When we believe, we can

CommBank's innovative products and services are all about helping you to achieve more - to find a better home, to travel the world, to serve your customers better, to grow your business faster - its about more than money, its about you.

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Corning – Exploring the possibilities of a life made of glass

We live in a world of glass – from tablets to televisions, high rise buildings to Google Glass. But glass breaks. Not if its made for gorillas. Corning has turned itself into an ingredient brand that even adds value to Apple.

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Coupang – Delivery by dawn

Coupang is often described as the Amazon of South Korea. But it is much more. The company's Rocket Delivery network provides same-day or next-day delivery of more than five million unique items, claiming that 99.6% of its orders are delivered within 24 hours. It's Dawn Delivery service is even faster, promising to deliver anything by 7am that is ordered by midnight of the previous day.

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Coursera – The best education available to everyone

Coursera, and other MOOCs, are on the verge of fundamentally disrupting education, knowledge and expertise, across the world. By moving the best university courses online, with a business model that allows universal access, they can be transformational on society, and the opportunities for everyone.

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Crooked Media – The podcast to save American politics

Crooked Media promises a no bullshit a no-bullshit conversation about politics where you can laugh, cry, scream, ridicule us daily, share your ideas, and hopefully decide that you want to help fix this mess too. That goes for Democrats who want to learn from our party’s mistakes (which is hard because things are so perfect), Republicans ready to hold Trump accountable (fingers crossed on that one!), and everybody, everywhere who’s been asking the same question: What do we do now?

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Crystal – This is you, based on everything online

Crystal gives you instant access to millions of personality profiles based on everything that can be found online about each person. You'll even find a profile of yourself. It then gives free communication advice for anyone you meet, showing how your personality relates to theirs, and how you can most effectively engage them, and more.

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Ctrip – China's travel market is ready for take off

China's largest travel site, Ctrip, lets users book hotels, flights, and packaged tours around the world. In 2016, an estimated 250 million travelers used the site, making it the world’s second-largest online travel agent. (In 2015, the company booked nearly $50 billion in travel.) Ctrip now owns one of the world's biggest flight metasearch engines following its $1.74 billion purchase of the Edinburgh-based Skyscanner in 2016. And with its recent acquisition of several tour companies in the United States, Ctrip is forming itself into an online travel service that’s part aggregator, part booking platform, and part end-to-end tour operator. In November 2016, Jane Jie Sun became Ctrip’s CEO and director of the board.

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CVS Health – The One Stop Health Shop

CVS Health describes itself as a pharmacy innovation company with a simple and clear purpose: helping people on their path to better health.

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Da Jiang Innovations (DJI) – The rise of China's drone technology

A drone crashed on the White House lawn in January 2015. A month later, a drone delivered a 9.15-carat diamond ring to Zhang Ziyi, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress, in a marriage proposal engineered by Wang Feng, a rock star in China. Two months after, a drone deposited small amounts of radioactive waste on the rooftop of the Japanese Prime Minister’s office, as a protest against using nuclear power in the country. All three drones were made by Da Jiang Innovations (DJI).

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Dalian Wanda – China's Walt Disney, the world's largest property group

Dalian Wanda Group was founded in 1988 and operates in four key areas: commercial properties, culture & tourism, e-commerce and department stores. In 2014, the company had assets of 534.1 billion yuan and revenues of 242.48 billion yuan. The company now operates 125 Wanda Plazas, 81 hotels (including 68 five-star hotels), 6,600 cinema screens and 99 department stores nationwide. Looking ahead, by 2020, Wanda aims to grow itself into a leading MNC with assets of 1 trillion yuan, annual revenues of 600 billion yuan and net income of 60 billion yuan.

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Darktrace – The world's leading machine learning company for cyber security

Darktrace is the world’s leading machine learning company for cyber security, having developed AI algorithms that mimic the human immune system to defend enterprise networks of all types and sizes. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is the first non-consumer application of machine learning to work at scale, across all network types, from physical, virtualized, and cloud, through to IoT and industrial control systems. Installed as a self-configuring cyber defense platform, Darktrace continuously learns what is ‘normal’ for all devices and users, updating its understanding as the environment changes.

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DBS Bank – A bank for Asia, a bank for the digital world

DBS (the Development Bank of Singapore) leads the way in digital banking innovation, in Asia and across the world. It operates across 18 markets. We are an Asia-centric commercial bank focused on harnessing the region’s long-term potential as the centre of economic gravity shifts eastwards to Asia.

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Deliveroo – Food delivered as fast as a kangaroo

Deliveroo is an online food delivery company stretching form the UK across Europe to Dubai, Australia, and Hong Kong. Orders are placed through the Deliveroo website and then self-employed bicycle or motorcycle couriers transport orders from restaurants to customers.

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Depop – Instagram meets eBay for millennials

Depop is the “love child of Instagram and eBay”, a mobile-centric marketplace for second-hand teen fashion, and more. The free app enables consumers to easily sell items by taking a square format image, adding a description with hashtags and setting a price. Buyers and sellers can ‘like’ items, message each other, haggle over prices and share comments, creating a community.

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Diesel – The brand for successful living

Renzo Rosso sees his work as an art and not a science, the company has redefined how a brand sees and communicates with its customers since 1978.

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Disney Pixar – Inspiring humanity through the power of storytelling

Pixar creates the world’s most loved movies. Creating animations is relatively slow and costly, but with a focus on character building and incredible storytelling, the brand has created hit after hit. It’s creative process – based around ideas and stories – is a great model for any type of brand building and communication.

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Dollar Shave Club – "Our Blades Are F***ing Great"

Dollar Shave Club delivers amazing razors and grooming products for ... a dollar a month. The provocative start-up cuts through an industry built on emotion-driven profit margins to showcase a new world of targeted relevance, disruptive innovation, direct selling, subscription pricing and viral communication.

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DP World – Enabling global logistics

DP World's ambition is to facilitate trade through strengthening global supply chains, generating sustainable economic growth and maximising shareholder value. The business is based in Dubai since 2007 and is the world’s most diverse listed container port operator. Container handling is the core business and generates more than three quarters of our revenue. In 2014, DP handled 60 million TEU around the world and over 70% of our volumes were origin and destination cargo.

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EcoAlf – Innovative upcycled fashion brand from Madrid

EcoAlf was created by Javier Goyeneche in 2012 to realise innovation in recycled clothing. The idea for a truly sustainable brand was born from a deep frustration with the excessive use of the world’s natural resources and the amount of waste produced by industrialised countries - specifically by the fashion industry. But Ecoalf is more than a conscious clothing brand; it is a mission to create the first generation of recycled products with the same attention to quality, design and technical properties as the best non-recycled products in the market.

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Ecovative – Growing packaging from mushrooms

Ecovative uses biology to solve fundamental human needs at industrial scales and in consumer applications. Ecovative uses mycelium to grow category defining products ranging from leather like textiles to sustainable packaging to high performance foams for apparel and beauty. Ecovative has been widely recognized for its technical and environmental contributions by organizations like the World Economic Forum and in the media including Wired Magazine, Forbes, and Time.

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Epocrates – The doctor’s brain in the palm of his hand

Instant access to technical and patient knowledge transforms the speed at which doctors can offer diagnosis and treatment. This results in improved decisions, delivering faster treatments, at lower costs.

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Ethereum – The next generation blockchain-based cryptocurrency

Vital Buterin is a 22-year-old coder who created the fast-growing new cryptocurrency network Ethereal, and wants to use his technology to disrupt everything. Ethereum is a platform and a programming language that makes it possible for any developer to build and publish next-generation decentralized applications. Ethereum can be used to codify, decentralize, secure and trade just about anything: voting, domain names, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, company governance, contracts and agreements of most kind, intellectual property, and even smart property thanks to hardware integration.

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Etsy – The world's largest maker market, bringing the world's most creative people together

Etsy has created given local artisans, and local markets a global reach, bringing together like-minded buyers and sellers as a passionate movement. The business model makes it fair and accessible to the smallest trader.

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Ezetap – The Square of India ... cashless payments in fast growth markets.

"Over the next decade, India will move from a cash-based, opaque economy ... to an economy that is digital, instantaneous, and where every citizen is not just on the grid but the quality of their families’ future will be materially better" says Bobby Bose, cofounder of Ezepay.

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FanDuel – Making sports more exciting, everyday.

FanDuel is the world-leading online daily fantasy sports company, operating in one of the fastest growing sectors of the sports and entertainment industry. It has become a household name in the US and one of Scotland’s only two unicorn companies, valued at more than $1 billion. Since its launch in 2009, its been disrupting the fantasy sports industry and changing the way millions of people experience sports.

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Farfetch – 400 designer boutiques in one place, anywhere, anytime.

Farfetch is a revolutionary way to buy fashion, bringing together hundreds of the world's best independent designer boutiques.

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Fatherly – Where Dad's become Superdads, and still have a life

Fatherly is the fastest-growing parenting site on the web, targeting millennial parents who are entering the most inquisitive and acquisitive phase of their lives. Fatherly has already generated over 1bn video views this year, has been named Oprah's favorite website of 2016 and its success capturing the hearts and minds of young parents has been documented in Adweek, CNN, and others. Fatherly has also been nominated twice by the Webby’s as “Best Parenting Site on the Internet” in just its first year in existence. By focusing on dads as well as young mums, Fatherly’s able to capture both sides of the parenting market, provide differentiated content in a space oversaturated with “Mum” content, and hone in on a key insight that millennial parents increasingly share parenting responsibilities and purchasing decisions.

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First National Bank – eWallet becomes your financial hub

South Africa's FNB puts innovation at the heart of its culture. The bank’s innovative eWallet, hosted on your phone, acts as a hub for many other creative solutions to making money flow easier and faster.

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Freitag – Extraordinary bags from the Swiss design brothers

In 1993, Markus and Daniel Freitag brothers first created their own brand of recycled products, Freitag, using Tarpaulins, inner tubes from bicycles and automobile seatbelts. Freitag brothers have seen commercial success in the global market; yet at the same time, they are in constant pursuit of sustainable business cycle.

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Fujifilm – From photography to cosmetics and healthcare

Fujifilm's mantra is "never stop transforming", and as a result has created innovative solutions in a wide variety of fields, leveraged its imaging and information technology to become a global presence known for innovation in healthcare, graphic systems, optical devices, highly functional materials and other high-tech areas.

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GE – Becoming market makers with "brilliant machines"

GE is leading an industrial revolution in applying the “internet of things” to business processes and equipment. The challenge however is to make sense of the new possibilities in ways that capture the imagination of businesses and consumers.

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Gïk Live! – Blue wine from Spain

White, red or rose ... wines are presented in conventional options. But then a group of young students read Blue Ocean Strategy, and got inspired to create a blue ocean, of wine.

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Glossier – Beauty brand for the Instagram generation

"Women today have different needs than we have had in the past, but beauty companies haven't necessarily been the most reactive to that," says Emily Weiss who launched the skincare and cosmetics brand in 2014. "We wanted to create a very democratic movement, and the channels most fitting that goal were direct, digital ones."

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Go-Jek – One-stop everything on demand in Indonesia

Established in 2010 as a motorcycle ride-hailing phone service, Go-Jek has evolved into an on demand provider of transport and other lifestyle services.

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goHenry – The bank account for kids, designed by parents

At last-an easy (and fun) way to pay pocket money, and teach your kids good money habits. goHenry is a Pre-paid, Pocket Money Card and App with unique parental controls, for young people aged 6 to 18.

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Goldman Sachs – Investment banking enters the consumer market

Marcus Goldman was a German banker, businessman, and financier. He was born in Trappstadt, Bavaria and immigrated to the United States in 1848. He was the founder of Goldman Sachs, which has since become one of the world's largest investment banks. However the bank has started to change its own game, entering the consumer market with "Marcus by Goldman Sachs".

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Grail – To detect cancer early, when it can be cured

There are currently between 14 and 15 million cases of cancer reported globally each year. With such early detection Grail has the potential to save millions of lives in the future – before people even realise anything is wrong.

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Graviky Labs – Turning air pollution into ink

Graviky Labs is a MIT spinoff working in developing cleantech solutions. Graviky captures air pollution and turn it into inks. It has developed KAALINK, a retrofit technology which captures carbon emissions from vehicles or chimneys before it enters our atmosphere. The captured pollutants are then recycled into inks, AIR-INK

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Graze – Snacking reinvented ... fast, healthy, delivered

Graze is a London-based snack company which offers over 200 snack combinations - including nuts, small puddings, and porridge - through snack subscription boxes, an online shop and retailers. It expanded operations to include the United States in 2013, launching snacks into US retailers in 2016. In 2012, The Carlyle Group bought a majority share holding in the business.

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Haier – China's global leader in white goods

Haier is a smart living home solution platform leading in the internet era. 100 million users in more than 100 countries, 24 overseas plants, 10 R&D centers, 60 distributors and 140 thousands retailers, the world's number one white good's manufacturer.

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Halo Top Creamery – The Healthy Ice Cream from California

Can ice cream ever be healthy? Halo Top Creamery is attracting more ice cream lovers with a promise of lower calories and less guilt. Time magazine named it one of the best inventions of the year. Over the summer of 2017, it also became the best-selling ice cream in America, beating big names like Ben & Jerry's and Häagen-Dazs.

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Haufe – Democracy in the workplace

Haufe Group "takes companies into the digital age, to create the workplace of the future." The Haufe Group is considered one of the most innovative media and software vendors in Germany. More than one million customers – including all DAX 30 firms – generate over 300 million euros in revenue. The Freiburg-based firm currently has more than 1,950 employees within Germany and beyond.

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Headspace – Improving health and happiness

Headspace was created with one mission in mind: to improve the health and happiness of the world. Reaching more than 65 million users in 190 countries, Headspace was one of the first meditation apps in the world and remains a leader in mindfulness and mental training.

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Heist Studios – Rethinking what we wear

Heist believes that underwear can be an instrument of progress. While many industries understand today's world’s desire for autonomy, choice and freedom, women’s underwear has lagged behind. Effectively, all women are living in underwear inadequate to their time.

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HelloFresh – Say "Hello" to easy home cooking

HelloFresh is on a mission to change the way people eat, forever. As the world's leading meal kit provider, they serve more than 13 million meals per month to over 1.3 million customers in 10 countries across 3 continents.

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Hoka – Why run when you can fly?

Hoka is a running shoe company from Annecy, France, that designs and markets running shoes. The brand first gained attention in the running industry by producing shoes with oversized outsoles, dubbed "maximalist" shoes due to extra cushion, in contrast to the minimalist shoes trend that was gaining popularity at the time of the company's founding in 2009. Hoka produces both low-profile and max-cushion shoes for road, trail, and all-terrain.

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Hoya Yuniku – The world's first 3D-printed, personalised eyeware

Hoya is a global med-tech company and the leading supplier of innovative high-tech and medical products. Hoya is active in the fields of healthcare and information technology providing eyeglasses, medical endoscopes, intraocular lenses, optical lenses as well as key components for semiconductor devices, LCD panels and HDDs. 

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Huit Denim Co. – Do one thing well

"We make jeans. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything. No trying to conquer the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it. So each day we come in and make the best jeans we know how. Use the best quality denims. Cut them with an expert eye. And then let our ‘Grand Masters’ behind the sewing machines do the rest. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from making something well, of such superior quality that you know it is going to stand the test of time. It makes the hard work and the obsessing over each and every detail worth all the effort. That’s our reward. That’s why we stick to just making jeans."

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Hysteric Glamour – Japanese fashion, inspired by pop and porn

Hysteric Glamour is a Japanese clothing brand created by Nobu Kitamura.

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IBM Watson – The smartest machine ever built

Watson is an IBM supercomputer that combines artificial intelligence and sophisticated analytical software as a “question answering” machine. Its applications are complex, but almost endless. Most recently it acquired the assets of the Weather Channel, to become the world's most accurate weather forecaster. It is named for IBM's founder, Thomas J. Watson

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Impossible Foods – Can a burger save the planet?

Impossible Foods develops plant-based substitutes for meat products. Founded in 2011, and headquartered in Redwood City, California, the company's stated aim is to give people the taste and nutritional benefits of meat without supposed negative health and certain environmental impacts associated with livestock products. The company researches animal products at the molecular level, then selects specific proteins and nutrients from plants to recreate the experience and nutrition of specific meat products.

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Indigo Ag – Applying AI to farming

"At Indigo, we help growers increase their profitability and enrich their soil by providing in-depth agronomic support, microbial seed treatments, and other resources that optimize regenerative systems. And now, Indigo’s innovative agronomic tools and services are part of one, comprehensive offer: Indigo Acres. This package supports growers pursuing more regenerative farming practices with two tiers of increasing agronomic support and complementary digital and in-field tools."

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Inditex – Fast fashion from La Coruña to Bershka, Mango and Zara

Inditex group has built on the global success of Zara and its fast fashion, to develop a range of retail brands that carefully target adjacent market segments with distinctive and relevant fashions. As markets and trends evolve the portfolio gives the group strength and agility.

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Infervision – Chinese AI transforming healthcare

AI is enabling businesses to radically innovate, processing huge amounts of data using machine learning to be more precise and predictive. In the diagnostics of medical conditions, Infervision enables scans to be interpreted more accurately, problems to be identified more quickly, and potential conditions avoided.

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Intuitive Surgical – Heart surgery by robot, and the surgeon with the joystick

Intuitive Surgical harnesses robotic technologies to enhance human capability. Better surgery, faster and more precise, is the main benefit, whilst also reducing the time and cost of operations.

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Ipsy – Michelle Phan reinvents the beauty industry

Michelle Phan is the world's most successful YouTuber with almost 9 million followers of her daily video posts. She has inspired women across the world through her beauty tutorials, and in making the right choices in a bewildering market. To help them she created Ipsy, where for $10 each month, subscribers receive a Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products, showcasing the best products and stylists, but also commoditising their brands. Ipsy is now the world's largest online beauty community, and a fabulous example of influencer marketing.

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Isamaya Ffrench – The London Beauty Alchemist

Seamlessly shifting between beauty and art, Isamaya Ffrench is a self-taught and tech-savvy innovator who is redefining the boundaries of make-up

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ISKO – The ingredient brand inside the best jeans

ISKO, a brand of Turkey's Sanko Group, is the world’s largest producer of denim fabric, with 250 million meters of fabric a year. It says it "creates the soul of jeans, the essence of the most popular fashion style that has become universal." It is a great example of building an ingredient brand, in a way that the premium ingredient enhances the core brand.

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Jaunt – Immerse yourself in cinematic virtual reality

The idea for Jaunt originated in early 2013 when one of the founders returned from an amazing experience at Zion National Park. What if he could go back there for a brief jaunt, at any time, from any place? The emerging consumer VR industry provides the mechanism to travel to virtual worlds. Jaunt aims to put realism back into the virtual reality experience, lending an uncanny sense of presence never before possible with any other technology.

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Juan Valdez Café – From commodity to premium branded experience

Most coffee growers make a few cents or every bag sold to consumers, even less for every cup drunk. Colombia’s farmers decided to create their own branded experience.

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Jungoo – Driving rickshaws in modern India and beyond

Founded in November 2014 by a handful of IITians, Jugnoo began as India’s first auto-rickshaw aggregator with the objective of making daily commute easy and reliable. After bringing the on-demand revolution to daily commute, we expanded our vision and dream of touching everyday lives in a much bigger way. With 10,00,000 transactions per month across 45+ cities, what began as a small company in 2014 is now spearheading the evolution of the local Indian marketplace into a Digital Reality. Jugnoo now provides a wide range of local services on-demand - Auto-Rides, Groceries, Food Delivery, Meals, Logistics and even a location-based local social network.

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Kikkoman – Make haste slowly

Kikko, which means tortoise shell in Japanese, and man, meaning 10,000, were chosen first as the trademark and later as the company name. This was to symbolize longevity, as according to Japanese folklore a tortoise lives for 10,000 years. This symbolism is found in Kikkoman's logo, which is a rebus that consists of the Chinese character for 10,000 (萬 wàn) surrounded by a hexagon, representing a tortoise shell.

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Kiva – Loans that change lives

Kiva is an international nonprofit organisation, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

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Klarna – Buy now, pay later

Klarna seeks to "make shopping smoooth". Klarna was founded by Sebastian Siemiatkowski CEO and colleagues in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. It is Europe’s highest valued private fintech company, offering products and services to consumers and retailers within payments, social shopping, and personal finances. With 2500 employees from 86 nationalities they focus on one goal "to keep exploring just how smooth the future shopping experience can become". In 2020 the business was valued at over $5.5bn and is growing by almost 40% a year. It processes more than a million transactions a day, working with 170,000 merchants, in 17 core markets, and with key offices in Stockholm, London, New York and Berlin.

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LanzaTech – Recycling Carbon for a Cleaner Tomorrow

LanzaTech is turning our global carbon crisis into a feedstock opportunity with the potential to displace 30% of crude oil use today and reduce global CO2 emissions by 10%. LanzaTech’s carbon recycling technology is like retrofitting a brewery onto an emission source like a steel mill, but instead of using sugars and yeast to make beer, pollution is converted by bacteria to fuels and chemicals! Imagine a day when your plane is powered by recycled GHG emissions, when your yoga pants started life as pollution from a steel mill.

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Le Pain Quotidien – Rustic breads, communal tables ... being human in a digital world

Le Pain stands out in a cookie-cutter world of standard formats as authentic and sustainable, human and communal. Whilst the world becomes anglicised, it’s great to see a little French on our streets, albeit Belgian.

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Lego – Rebuilding the business with “creative play”

Lego almost died. Under pressure from an avalanche of digital games, the classic toy brand responded by seeking to imitate its challengers, losing sight of what made it special.

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Lemonade – Insurance driven by AI and behavioural economics

Lemonade is reinventing insurance to be instant, easy, and transparent. It offers home insurance powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. By replacing brokers and bureaucracy with bots and machine learning, Lemonade promises zero paperwork and instant everything. And as a Certified B-Corp, where underwriting profits go to nonprofits, Lemonade is remaking insurance for social good, rather than a necessary evil.

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Lewis Road Creamery – New Zealand's best ice cream and milkshakes

If you’re going to set out to make the world’s finest dairy from a converted shipping container in the Bay of Plenty, it goes without saying you’re not taking the most conventional route. But conventions have never been something Lewis Road Dairy have been much of a fan of anyway.

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Li and Fung – Global supply system for a connected world

Li & Fung is a global supply chain manager for brands and retailers. It was founded in 1906 in Guangzhou by Fung Pak-liu, an English teacher, and Li To-Ming, a local merchant whose family owned a porcelain shop. It started as an export trading company, exporting porcelain, fireworks, jade handicrafts and silk mainly to the USA. In 1937, Fung's son Fung Hon-chu opened the company's first branch office in Hong Kong, where it became based. In 1946 Li sold out to the Fung family.

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Lilium – The world’s first electric vertical take-⁠off and landing jet.

Lilium is a disruptive aviation start-up based in Munich, founded in 2015. It is currently delivering on its vision of a completely new type of individual transportation and is dedicated to develop and build the world’s first fully electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet. An estimated range of up to 300 km and a top speed of 300 km/h, along with zero emissions make it the most efficient and eco-friendly individual means of transportation of our time. By providing ultra-redundancy, the Lilium Jet will also set new standards in safety. It aims at liberating towns and cities from today’s congestion and pollution, with people able to come and go freely, vastly expanding the radius of their everyday lives.

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Lime – The eScooter revolution is here

Lime calls itself a tech mobility company. It aims to provide a sustainable solution to the first and last mile transportation problem by helping people move around their cities in an affordable and convenient way while eliminating their carbon footprint. We are here to empower future generations to change their behavior so we can save this planet together.

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Liquid Death – Don’t be scared. It’s just water.

Liquid Death is a canned-water company founded by Mike Cessario with a tagline "murder your thirst". Water is canned by the Austrian beverage company Starzinger in the Upper Austrian town of Frankenmarkt. It was lunched in 2019. In addition there are three flavoured variants, including Mango Chainsaw, Severed Lime, and Berry It Alive. It is also a producer of NFTs, called Murder Head Death Club.

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Lucky Iron Fish – Low on iron? Cook with the Lucky Iron Fish.

Lucky Iron Fish are fish-shaped cast iron ingots used to provide dietary supplementation of iron to individuals affected by iron-deficiency anaemia. The ingots are placed in a pot of boiling water to leach elemental iron into the water and food. They were developed in 2008 by Canadian health workers in Cambodia, and in 2012 a company, The Lucky Iron Fish Project, was formed to develop the iron fish on a larger scale, promote them among rural areas, and distribute them to non-governmental organization partners.

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Lumio – Jakarta to Kickstarter, Techshop to MoMA

The Lumio lamp is beautiful, stylish, innovative ... practically, it is an LED lighting fixture that folds out of a portable wood hard-bound book and can be placed or hung anywhere.

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LVMH – "Art de vivre"​ blending heritage and innovation

The mission of the LVMH Group is to represent the most refined qualities of Western "Art de Vivre"​ around the world. Since its creation in 1987, LVMH has comprised a unique portfolio of over 70 prestigious brands.

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M-Pesa – Safaricom creates a new currency for Africa

M-Pesa became the mobile currency of Africa, embracing phones to do more than connect people, and improvising for the lack of infrastructure in fast growing markets.

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Macquarie Bank – The Australian bank that seeks opportunities that others miss

Macquarie is a diversified financial group providing clients with asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities. The diversity of our operations, combined with a strong capital position and robust risk management framework, has contributed to our 49-year record of unbroken profitability.

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Magazine Luiza – Brazilian retail

Magazine Luiza, or Magalu, is one of the largest Brazilian retailers. The company was founded in 1957 in Franca by Brazilian billionaire Luiza Trajano and family.

In 1992, it launched its first “virtual” stores, which at the time were physical retail outlets equipped with multimedia ordering kiosks. There are 162 stores in Brazil today with such kiosks still in use. In 2000, Frederico Trajano, a third-generation Luiza and the company’s current CEO, joined the company to direct the launch of its ecommerce division with “a simple philosophy to do an omnichannel strategy,” involving ecommerce orders that could be shipped directly to consumers or picked up at physical outlets.

Currently the company has more than 1001 stores and 9 distribution centres, selling 10 thousand items in their stores, and at the end of 2018, its online marketplace hosted more than 3,300 vendors offering a combined total of 4.3 million products. The company reported annual sales of $220 million from its online marketplace for 2018.

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Magic Leap – "It's like dreaming" ... bringing virtual reality to life

Magic Leap's mind-bending "mixed reality" technology uses photonic wafer chips to manipulate light. It superimposes 3D generated images over real world objects, by projecting a digital light field into the user's eye. Founder Rony Abovitz says "the best way to describe it, is like dreaming." He has attracted $1.4bn funding from Alibaba and Google, and is currently signed up contracts with leading movie studios and game makers.

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Mastodon – Toot don't Tweet, Boost don't Retweet

Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server where users can follow friends and discover new ones. Unlike other platforms such as Twitter, Mastodon is a distributed network, where all Mastodon servers are interoperable as a federated network. It was created by Eugen Rochko, a 29 year old Russian-born German based in Jena, in October 2016.

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Mayrig – Cooking up a passion for Armenian culture

Whilst most of Armenia is long gone, the culture lives on through traditional recipes and incredible food that brings people together to share incredible food, and explore the stories that sustained a nation, and now still inspires a global tribe.

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McLaren Automotive – From F1 to luxury, high-performance supercars

McLaren is globally renowned as one of the world’s most illustrious high-technology brands, encompassing McLaren Racing, McLaren Automotive and McLaren Applied Technologies.

Since its foundation in 1963, McLaren has been pioneering and innovating in the competitive world of Formula 1, forging a formidable reputation which has seen the racing team win 20 World Championships and over 180 races.

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Meituan Dianping – China's everything-app to "Eat Better, Live Better"

China's No. 1 marketplace for services and O2O (online to offline) platform. Meituan was founded in March 2010 in Beijing as China's first group buying website. Today, Meituan is China's largest provider for local services with leading market position, tremendous annual turnover growth, and over 130 million annual active purchasers. Meituan currently operates its businesses through three business units: Customers to Shop, Hotel Tourism, and Home Delivery Service, and a subsidiary Maoyan Movie.

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Method – Superheroes who make cool products and happy homes

Method is the cleaning products that believe in being doing good whilst also iconic features and beautiful fragrances for your home. With attitude and ambition, they declared war on dirt.

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MeUndies – Making undies your butt will be proud to wear

MeUndies is a lifestyle brand that is transforming the way people perceive and purchase their basics. As a vertically integrated, direct-to-consumer company we do it all: from design and manufacturing, to marketing and web design & development, to fulfillment and shipping, MeUndies delivers "The World's Most Comfortable Basics" with a relentless emphasis on quality and service.

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Mikkeller – The world's largest craft beer company

Mikkeller is a microbrewery founded by Mikkel Bjergso in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark that was originally based on the so-called "cuckoo", "phantom" or "gypsy" ethos; that is, the company did not operate an official brewery and, instead, collaborated with other brewers to produce their recipes or experimental one-off brews

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Moleskine – The iconic notebook reinvented in a digital world

Moleskine began life as Modo & Modo, a small Milanese publisher that, in 1997, brought the original notebook back to life and established the Moleskine® trademark. Moleskine Srl went on to acquire the worldwide trademark rights for the brand in January 2007 and was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in 2013. The brand was acquired and delisted by D’Ieteren at the end of 2016.

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Momondo – Content inspiration for your next travel adventure

Momondo was founded in Denmark in 2006 and is headquartered in Copenhagen. As of 2016, the company has more than 200 employees from more than 30 nationalities. When Momondo was first launched in September 2006, it was a flight search engine only. It's inspirational travel blog was launched in 2007. In the same year, the company launched a series of city guides called Momondo places. Momondo is perhaps most famous for its DNA Journey advertising epic that made people rethink about their connectedness in today's world.

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Monzo Bank – A bank that lives on your phone

Promoting itself as a “new kind of bank”, Monzo is just that. Placing technology at the core of everything it does, the entirely online bank is designed specifically for smartphones and is built to solve problems in a transparent and convenient way. Customers can use the app to manage their money, set monthly targets for regular expenditures such as groceries and eating out, and will receive notifications if they’re spending too quickly. The bank also has plans to make it easier for users to find the best utility deal, automatically switching them to the best provider. Monzo doesn’t offer a savings account, but instead will put customers’ money in the ISA or savings account that will work best for them. Furthermore, Monzo can be used all around the globe, meaning customers don’t need to inform their bank when they’re abroad: no extra fees are charged, and the exchange rate isn’t marked up.

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Moven – Bank 3.0 that promises to be different

Moven is a digital financial manager designed around the mobile consumer, making banking and life easier, and through a range of easy and fun analytics, embracing games and social media, and even makes you a rockstar!

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Narayana Health – Low-cost hospitals with a heart

Narayana operates a dual business model, one funding the other. Whilst knowledge and equipment are not compromised, the growth in medical tourism subsidises low-cost heart surgery for the poor.

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Nespresso – The business model with an extra shot

You might credit George Clooney with much of Nespresso’s brand appeal. But the money is in the pods. Whilst the coffee machines are sold at minimal prices, it is the addiction – or subscription – to the refills that drives profits.

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Netflix – Changing what and when we watch

Netflix grew out of consumer frustration with the stupid rules of an old model. This provoked one guy into creating a better solution, which has continued to evolve in format and business model as new technologies emerge, and competitors catch up. The next horizon of data-driven content creation is perhaps most intriguing.

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New Roots – Swiss vegan cheese

New Roots, founded by Alice Fauconnet and Freddy Hunziker, is a Swiss producer of 100% plant-based cheese, following traditional cheesemaking techniques.

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New Story – 3D printed homes for $4000 in 24 hours

An estimated 3 billion people will be living without access to adequate shelter by 2050 — a 200% increase over three decades. New Story pioneers solutions to address global homelessness and imagine a world where no human lives in survival mode.

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NHS School for Change Agents – Creating the boldest and most innovative new ideas in health and care

The Horizons Group is a small team within the UK's National Health Service (NHS) that uses radical thinking to explore change and transformation in health and care. It aims to support colleagues in health and care to think differently about how effective change practice can lead to better outcomes for patients.

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Nike – Business designed at the speed of the swoosh

Nike is a design and branding business, with a focus on digital technologies and “amplifying nature.” It is about function and fashion, but most of all about athletes and achievement.

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Nio – Chinese premium EV brand with a mission to deliver a joyful lifestyle

Nio has become a pioneer in the premium smart electric vehicle market, but is also developing an ecosystem to deliver a broader lifestyle brand proposition and community. The Shanghai-based company was founded in November 2014 with a mission is "to shape a joyful lifestyle".

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NotCo – Reinventing food with AI

For people who believe eating healthier should be effortless and tasty, The Not Company (NotCo) is a foodtech business, that reinvents animal-based foods using only plants. Unlike traditional food businesses, NotCo uses technology to recreate the same products we love to eat in a natural, sustainable and affordable way, keeping it functional, easy to use and mouthwateringly delicious.

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NotPla – Non-plastic plastic from seaweed

NotPla is a sustainable packaging business. Ooho and our other packaging solutions are made from Notpla, a revolutionary material made from seaweed and plants that biodegrades in weeks, naturally. The London-based company has created unique machines and materials to package such as water, sauces, and ready meals, in the most sustainable way. In 2022 they won the Earthshot Prize.

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Novo Nordisk – Home of the world's top performing CEO

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. It's innovation is patient-centric, focused on what it can be best at, and delivered by one of the world's most sustainable companies.

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nuTonomy – The world's first self-driving taxis

nuTonomy is a leading developer of state-of-the-art software for self-driving vehicles, developed by two MIT researchers, and first launched in Singapore in 2016.

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Oatly – Milk, but made for humans

Oatly is a company built on the idea of change. We exist to make it easy for people to eat better and live healthier lives without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process. This is why we come to work every day. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, the Oatly brand is available in more than 20 countries across Europe, North America and Asia.

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Ofo – China's global bike-sharing platform

Ofo, China’s largest bike-sharing company, now more than 10 million xiao huang che, or “little yellow bikes” around the world with users in 170 cities making 25 million trips a day.

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Oishii – The world's most expensive strawberries

Oishii Berry founder Hiroki Koga combines Japanese strawberry cultivation techniques with the technology of a first-of-its-kind indoor vertical strawberry farm in America to create the highest quality strawberry possible. The engineered berries go through a meticulous growth and monitoring process from seed to finished product. The result is a strawberry with a consistent and optimal size, flavour, and texture

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On – Swiss running on clouds

On's mission is to "ignite the human spirit through movement". On's founder Olivier Bernhard says "At On, we believe incredible things happen when humans move. Being in motion taps into the place in the subconscious where inspiration lies. It's called flow state: A mindset where action and awareness blur together, leaving us fully immersed in the moment. A hack for the mind, helping us to dream bigger and better".

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One Medical – Healthcare reinvented, any service, when you need it

One Medical Group challenges the notion that delivering high-quality, accessible health care is either unachievable or prohibitively expensive. In fact, we’re working to prove that just the opposite is possible — a system where quality care is affordable and available to everyone. To bring this vision to life, we rely on people-centered design, smart application of technology, and a team of talented primary care providers who have the time and tools to make the right decisions. The integration of these elements allows us to offer a seamless experience that not only saves our patients time and money but also leads to better health outcomes and happier lives.

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OneWeb – Global internet access for everyone

Airbus, Bharti, Coca-Cola and Virgin are just some of the investors who have together pledged over $500m to create the world's first global satellite-based internet service. OneWeb is building a network of 700 satellites to take broadband access to every corner of our planet - including cars, aircraft, and homes in the most remote locations.

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Organovo – 3D printing of body parts to order

Organavo is embracing the latest technologies to transform surgery, from the 3D bio-printing of muscle tissues to complete organs for transplant, saving lives and raising huge ethical issues too.

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Ossian Vides y Vinos – Organic fusions of wines from Segovia

"Ossian is history through the vineyards, it is passion in its grapes, it is life in its soil and it is an illusion in its elaboration process" says Pedro Ruiz Aragoneses

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Ouarzazate Solar Power Station – The world's largest solar farm, in the Moroccan desert

OSPS, also called Noor Power Station (نور, Arabic for light) is a solar power complex located in the Drâa-Tafilalet region in Morocco, 10 km from the town of Ouarzazate. The entire Solar Project is planned to produce 580 MW at peak when finished and is being built in three phases.

Total project expected to cost $9 billion, and cover an area of 2,500 hectare. The plant will be able to store solar energy in the form of heated molten salt, allowing for production of electricity into the night. Phase 1 comes with a full-load molten salt storage capacity of 3 hours. The planned Phase 2, due to open in 2017 and 2018 will store energy for up to eight hours.

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Padang & Co – Asian innovation catalyst for corporates and government

“Padang” in Malay means “open field”. It is also the name of an important historical landmark in the heart of the civic quarter of Singapore, where Padang & Co is headquartered.

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Paris Saint-Germain – A new brand to dream bigger

Paris Saint-Germain, one of Europe’s youngest soccer clubs and the only major team in Paris, has been transformed on and off the pitch in recent years.

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Parkrun – The running movement that spread across the world

Parkrun is a beautifully simple concept: turn up every Saturday and run 5km, or if you’re a junior: 2km every Sunday. Over a million people, every week. In Australia, in Russia, in South Africa. Across the world. It doesn’t matter how fast you go. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. What matters is taking part. It's free, simple and for everyone.

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Philosophy – The miracle worker ... inspiring people to believe in more

Philosophy is a skincare brand with a message to inspire your life. Rather than functional science, consumers engage in emotional wellbeing, and being part of a community who believe in better.

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Pinduoduo – Shopping together, for more savings, and more fun

Pinduoduo is an innovative and fast growing technology platform that provides buyers with value-for-money merchandise and a fun and interactive shopping experience. The Pinduoduo mobile platform offers a comprehensive selection of attractively priced merchandise, featuring a dynamic social shopping experience that leverages social networks effectively

It is the second-largest online marketplace in China, and the world's leading "interactive" online retailer. It has pioneered several new trends including social e-commerce, team purchase and consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) that have revolutionised online shopping in China. Founded in 2015 by Huang Zheng (aka Colin Huang), Pinduoduo has become the fastest growing tech company in the world.

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Ping An – The world's largest insurance company

Ping An Insurance Company provides products and services through its five ecosystems in financial services, healthcare, auto services, real estate services and Smart City solutions. The Group's insurance business writes property, casualty, and life insurance products. It is the largest in the world.

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Planetary Resources – Asteroid mining for precious metals and water

Explorer James Cameron is one of the entrepreneurs behind the asteroid mining company that plans low cost robotic space exploration to find commercial y viable asteroids near Earth. From these, they hope to extract precious metals and water (which can be converted to rocket fuel and oxygen).

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Positive Luxury – The butterfly mark of brands you can trust

Curation is a key role for retailer, editing and guiding in a world of infinite choice. Making sustainability positive, being better rather than less bad, being authentic and natural, softer or brighter.

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Rakuten Ichiba – Asian shopping ... crabs and kimonos with “omotenashi”

As markets become more fragmented into specialist niches, the economics of local stores gives way to online platforms. With careful focus, small businesses can become global and profitable, without the costs of becoming big.

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Rapha – More than clothing, more than a store, more than a sport

Cycling is a sport of connisseurs. They love their coffee, in France they love their pastis, and they love their bikes and gear. Riding in the heart of a Sunday morning pelaton is as much social as physical, and so Rapha designed to create premium cycling gear, and coffee shops – or Cycle Clubs – where enthusiasts can meet.

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Raspberry Pi – Build your own computer gadgets for $25

Eben Upton wants to inspire kids about the potential of computing. With an incredibly simple $25 computer, a cool brand a social movement, he is inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Red Bull – Space jumps, air races ... energy drinks and media house

Red Bull changed the game of energy drinks. But it is much more than a drink, it’s a brand that reflects an attitude to life, and can therefore do more. In fact it has become a media company, with some of the world’s most extreme physical events, amplified as digital content. Not as a promotion for its drinks, but as the core business, with drinks on the side.

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Renova – The sexiest toilet paper in the world

Renova is on mission to brighten up your life. Why is toilet paper white? The Portugeuse brand a hit in Hollywood bathrooms with its black paper. Colour is a bold, but simple way to change the game.

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Revolut – The money superapp

Revolut describes itself as building the world’s first truly global financial superapp. In 2015, Revolut launched in the UK offering money transfer and exchange. Headquartered in London, it was founded in 2015 by Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko. It offers accounts featuring currency exchange, debit cards, virtual cards, Apple Pay, interest-bearing "vaults", commission-free stock trading, crypto, commodities, and other services.

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RewardStyle – Helping social influencers make money

In the last five years, rewardStyle has fueled the arrival of a new influence on the retail industry: professional content creators. By providing the technical tools and education necessary to empower a global army of 9,000 premium content creators, it is now making a tangible impact on global e-commerce sales. In 2015, their publishers drove over $475 million in retail sales. It has redirected the style publishing industry and contributed to the professionalization and financial independence of thousands of publishers worldwide, enabling them to earn meaningful revenue on their digital content, ultimately empowering them to create and grow small businesses into international brands. Today, it is a global business. Nearly 200 team members work from offices in Dallas, San Francisco, New York, Shanghai and London.

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Rimac Automobili – The Croatian innovator of electric hypercars

Founded in 2009 with headquarters in Croatia, Rimac started as a garage project and grew into a globally recognized technology leader, built upon the passion and vision of the company's Founder and CEO Mate Rimac. 

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Riot Games – League of Legends is reinventing the world of gaming, and the world of sport.

In a world where real sports are challenged by online gaming, attention spans fall from a 2 hour movie to a 10 second snapchat, lying in your bedroom but still seeking the thrill of the partisan crowd ... Riot Games is the answer to your millennial prayers. Each game demands 30 to 60 minutes of players' undivided attention. The average player spends 30 hours a month on the game ... that's three billion player-hours each month

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Robinhood – Removing all the barriers to stock trading

Robinhood is the worlds most innovative financial services company ... with a mission to democratise access to the financial markets, with a simple smartphone app.

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Roblox – The gaming platform reimagining the way people come together

Roblox is a digital platform where people come together virtually to share experiences - gaming, music, and much more. Every day, tens of millions of people from around the world come to Roblox to play, learn, work, and socialize in immersive digital experiences all built by a global community of creators. Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 and released in 2006, the platform hosts user-created games of multiple genres coded in the programming language Lua.

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Room to Read – Getting millions to learn: taking a local approach to teaching and learning literacy skills

Room to Read is an inspiring not-for-profit organisation, seeking to build literacy and gender equality, particularly in Africa and Asia. The program employs local authors to write children’s books in the mother tongue.

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Samsung – South Korea puts the tae kuk into the Galaxy

Samsung has always focused on innovation, however it was only by embracing the power of design, that they were able to engage people in objects of desire, rather than products quickly imitated.

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Schneider Electric – Democratising power, everyone can be a prosumer

Schneider Electric's purpose is "to empower all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all". They call this "Life Is On". The French company's mission is to be your digital partner for sustainability and efficiency. It drives digital transformation by integrating world-leading process and energy technologies, end-point to cloud connecting products, controls, software and services, across the entire lifecycle, enabling integrated company management, for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.

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Sedron Technologies – Turning human waste into drinking water

748 million people worldwide lack clean drinking water. Bill Gates drank a glass of water made from human faeces, to showcase technology he said could provide clean water in the developing world. "The water tasted as good as any I've had out of a bottle. And having studied the engineering behind it, I would happily drink it every day. It's that safe," he said. Sedron is creating the future of waste processing, developing innovative and advanced technologies for waste, sanitation, and water.

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Selina – The nomadic place to stay, work, and live

Selina takes unused spaces, like former factories, schools, asylums, or hotels, and turns them into boutique hotels and coworking spaces catering to travelers at every price point with prices starting at as little as $10/night. The company works with local communities to provide curated tours and fitness classes as well as homegrown meals, and decorates properties with local artwork and furniture from local artisans. Based in Panama City, Selina raised $95 million in funding from the Abraaj Group and WeWork in 2018.

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Selina – A place to stay, work, surf and explore

Selina runs a network of 46 properties in a dozen Latin American countries and Portugal. It offers private and shared accommodation with coworking facilities, cafes, wellness, and local experiences. An upcoming 126-bed property in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, for example, will feature a hotel that includes some hostel-like lodging, coworking spaces, eateries, shops, a year-round rooftop, and an art gallery.

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Shein – TikTok-fuelled realtime fashion

Shein (She-in) is a global fashion brand and online retailer from China, reaching out to the world with a realtime business model built on AI, on demand production and Tok-Tok fuelled social marketing. It's on-demand manufacturing technology connects suppliers to its agile supply chain, reducing inventory waste and enabling us to deliver a variety of affordable products to customers around the world. The brand targets customers in more than 150 countries, and is now registered in Singapore.

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Slack – The creative home of our working lives

Slack's mission is to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. It is the fastest growing B2B application ever and is used by 2 million daily active users.

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Snap – Share life with friends, fast and fun

Snap a photo or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few). They'll view it, laugh, and then the snap disappears from the screen - unless your friend takes a screenshot!

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Snipes – Streetwear for Europe's youth

Snipes is one of the most successful sneaker and streetwear chain stores in Europe - with over 200 stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, and the USA. Since opening its first store in Essen in 1998, Snipes has been an integral part of the urban fashion scene. Hip-hop and urban dance, basketball and BMX: everything revolves around a contemporary lifestyle and urban youth culture.

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SoFi – Digital finance for millennials, with a focus on student loans

Armed with a fresh $500 million infusion, SoFi is trying to shake up the world of finance by finding time to mix career coaching and even dating events in with your mortgage payments.

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SoftBank – 300 year ambition and $100 billion fund to create happiness

SoftBank is a global technology investment company with a portfolio embracing AI, smart robotics, IoT, advanced telecoms, internet services, and clean energy technology providers. In May 2017, the SoftBank Vision Fund was launched with $100bn to invest globally in the businesses and technologies that will enable the next stage of the Information Revolution. It is the owner, or major investor, in companies including Alibaba, Arm, Boston Dynamics, Grab, Nvidea, OneWeb, Supercell, Uber, and WeWork.

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Sonae – Portugal's leading retailer focuses on "improving life"

A stock market flotation was the catalyst for Sonae to diversify its business into many new categories. Innovation lies at the heart of Sonae's vision for improving life. Most important platform for this is Sonae's Continente retail brand which has recently extended across Europe, and also take its own-label brands into other retailers in order to go further faster.

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Sonos – The ultimate sound experience

"Sonos is a sound experience company making it easier than ever for millions of listeners around the world to play more, hear more, and feel more" ... Founded in 2002 by John MacFarlane, and others, he took his first prototypes to the "D2: All Things Digital" conference in Carlsbad, California where Steve Jobs told him that the Sonos controller's scroll wheel might violate Apple patents related to the iPod. For MacFarlane, that meant he was heading in the right direction, and went back to innovate some more. Today, the brand is recognised as a world leader in sound quality.

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Spotify – The freemium business model for music

Spotify grew out of deviant behaviour – imitating the actions of illegal downloaders to find a legal business model which combines free access with the ability to also make money as a business, and for artists and publishers. The brand is contagious, driven by consumer collaboration, and staying topical.

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Sprout World – The Plantable Pencil Company

Sprout World is a Danish company that develops sustainable and plantable writing tools. The company was established in 2012 by Danish entrepreneurs Michael Stausholm and Jonathan Løw. The Brøndby-based company's main product is the Sprout Pencil, which was originally invented by three students from MIT in Boston USA. It recently also launched the SproutSpoon. Sprout products are now available in more than 60 different countries.

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Square – Making payments easy, anywhere anytime

Square’s insight came from the millions of small businesses who lose sales because they cannot accept credit cards. Empowering first the retailer, and the consumer, Square had to fight to change the rules of the market.

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STC – From telecoms to digital enabler of the nation

STC, previously known as Saudi Telecom, was founded in 1997. In 2017 it began a transformation, built around its DARE strategy - Digitise, Accelerate, Reinvent, and Expand. Today STC describes itself as "a pioneer digital champion, always been focused on innovation and evolution, thinking about future to make it, to stay ahead as a truly meaningful and purposeful organization."

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StoreDot – Full batteries in 30 seconds

StoreDot’s ‘FlashBattery’ system seeks to revolutionise how quickly people can charge their electronic devices. The system relies on an entirely new Lithium ion battery structure, which uses innovative compounds synthesised in its labs to dramatically reduce charging time.

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Stripe – Helping people spend online

Launched in 2010 by Irish entrepreneurial brothers Patrick and John Collison, originally called /dev/payments, the payments processing software and APIs for online platforms, and has received $1.6 billion funding and is now valued at $36 billion. Stripe describes itself as a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size, from new startups to public companies, use Stripe’s software to accept online payments and run technically sophisticated financial operations in more than 100 countries. Stripe describes its purpose as "to increase the GDP of the internet".

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Supr Daily – Digitalised milk delivery in Mumbai

68% of milk in India is adulterated with water, detergent powder or worse products. Supr "direct to home connect" removes all middle men involved thereby ensuring that the milk your family drinks is not tampered. Milk, bread, eggs, curd, paneer, coconut water, dosa batter, buttermilk and many more daily needs. Many customers plan their entire week the the online schedule, easily setting all your daily needs on auto pilot.

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Supreme – The world's coolest streetwear brand

Supreme is a skateboarding shop turned clothing brand, created by James Jebbia as a small company in downtown Manhattan and quickly became a designers dreams. Thanks to collaborations with top brands as diverse as Louis Vuitton, Nike, and Kermit the Frog, Supreme is the brand people want to be wearing.

Even celebrities like Cara Delevingne and DJ Khaled are fans. Consumers will spend crazy sums to get their hands on limited edition collaborations like the Supreme Louis Vuitton Bag (which resells on eBay for  $4,000 - $15,000), and always post a picture of it on Instagram (the brand has 6 million followers).

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Surf Air – The "Netflix of the skies" takes off in Europe

There’s a smarter, better way to fly in Europe. Since 2013 Surf Air has delivered all-you-can-fly subscription air travel between key cities in California, and now its taking off in Europe, with the same revolutionary unlimited travel business model.

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Syngenta – Biochemists of the world’s future food

As populations rise, and farmland diminishes, Syngenta is applying science to every aspect of food production, finding better ways to feed the changing world and also improve health.

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Tatcha – Beauty inspired by the Japanese Geisha

Vicky Tsai was sitting at her Merrill Lynch analyst desk watching 9/11 as it happened. It made her realise that there must be a better world. She started to explore the world, culture, and spirituality. She was taken by Asian culture, and in particularly the secrets of the Japanese geisha. Tatcha was born to share the geisha's wisdom with modern women everywhere, and to further the belief that true beauty begins with the heart and the mind.

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Tchibo – A new experience every week

Germany's favourite coffee brand, has spread its retail concept across the world, offering everything from flowers to mobile phones, with a constantly changing range. Pop in for a coffee, and to see what's new!

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Tecno – The leading smartphone in Africa

Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong. It was established in 2006. It is a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. Tecno has focused its business on the African and the South Asian markets.

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Tencent – WeChat to QQ, Tencent is taking over the world

Tencent has become one of China's four technology giants, founded by Pony Ma in November 1998. It’s overtaken Facebook, bought stakes in Snapchat, Tesla and Hollywood films, and has quietly risen to rival Google and Netflix.

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Tesla – Faster than a Ferrari, powered by the sun

Tesla is the fastest, sexiest, most-hyped car of its generation. It can drive 1000 km on a solar powered battery, with zero carbon emissions, whilst also becoming the must-have luxury accessory in Hollywood.

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The A2 Milk Company – Better fresh milk

The a2 Milk Company was founded in New Zealand in 2002 by Dr. Corran McLachlan after a scientific discovery; while studying at Cambridge University, Corran learned that proteins in milk affect people differently.

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The East India Company – Recreating the exotic luxuries of empire

The East India Company was the world's first multinational company, dominating world trade for centuries. It made a wide range of elusive, exclusive and exotic ingredients familiar, affordable and available to the world; ingredients which today form part of our daily and national cuisines. Today it continues to develop and market unique and innovative products that breathe life into the history of the brand.

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Threadless – The crowdsourced t-shirt community

Threadless was one of the first crowdsourced brands, recognising the power and passion of user-generated designs. Voting and limited availability keeps people coming back to the site, from which a vibrant community has developed, engaging people physically and online.

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Toms – A pair for kids with every pair you buy

Toms is a brand with purpose, and a dual business model – inspired by the simple canvas shoes of Argentina – it gives away a free pair away to street kids for every pair it sells. “One to One” has become a worldwide movement, and now stretches beyond shoes.

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Too Good To Go – The end of food waste

Too Good To Go is a mobile app that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have unsold, surplus food, and is available in major European cities. The company was created in 2015 in Denmark by Brian Christensen, Thomas Bjørn Momsen, Stian Olesen, Klaus Bagge Pedersen, and Adam Sigbrand. In 2017, Mette Lykke joined as CEO.

It is a Social Impact company, and B Corp certified as of 2020. It is now the world's largest B2C marketplace for surplus food and restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, bakeries, canteens and wholesalers in 14 countries connect with users of the app to save perfectly good food from going to waste.

However food waste is a global challenge in need of many solutions, and so their Movement Against Food Waste works with businesses, households, schools and public affairs to have real, tangible impact. One third of all food produced is wasted, landfill is overflowing and the environmental impact is real, with food waste accounting for 8-10% of all CO2 gases in the world. The companies says we need to rediscover our respect for food, and the resources that went into producing it - the land, water, and labour.

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Trader Joe’s – Local food stores with a cult following

Trader Joe’s curates to simplify and humanise. With less it can do more, bringing its personality to life through discovery, humour and storytelling. At the same time, caring about community, environment and good value.

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TransferWise – Money without borders

TransferWise was born of frustration. Sending money abroad is deceptively expensive, thanks to the hidden charges we’ve all been forced to pay. The banks claim “free money transfers”, “0% commission.” Sounds like money’s already flowing freely, but far from it. It’s pure propaganda. TransferWise says it "removes all the wrongness", letting people send money abroad at the lowest possible true cost. Using only real exchange rates and tiny not-hidden-fees. Headaches averted, and a revolution sparked.

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Triangl – Melbourne to Millennials, all thanks to Instagram

Vibrant, color-saturated bikinis are popping up on beaches everywhere this summer. The perpetrator: a budding swimsuit company with Australian roots called Triangl.

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Twelve – Carbon transformation

Twelve, the carbon transformation company, is a new kind of chemical company built for a world battling against climate change. Its breakthrough technology eliminates emissions by turning CO2 into essential products that today are made from fossil fuels. They call it carbon transformation. Indeed, by regenerating carbon into a range of new fuels and materials, Twelve is reinventing what it means to be a chemical company, on a mission to create a climate positive world and a fossil free future.

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Twelve – Transforming Carbon

Twelve is a chemical technology company based in Berkeley, California, which has developed a technology to convert CO2 into profitable chemicals, such as plastics and transportation fuels. Eliminating carbon emissions, rather than adding more.

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Uber – Creating disruption on the streets of the world's big cities

Uber is changing the way the world moves, connecting riders to drivers through its technology platform. The potential to "uberfy" almost any type of business is obvious.

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Umpqua Bank – Fall in love with "the world's greatest bank"

Umpqua reimagined the banking experience around customers, inspired by parallels such as Gap and Starbucks. A passionate focus on people and service has created a digitally-enabled physical experience like no other.

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Under Armour – Outperforming Nike at the Rio Olympics

It started with a simple plan to make a superior T-shirt. A shirt that provided compression and wicked perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it. A shirt that worked with your body to regulate temperature and enhance performance.

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Veja – Made in Brazil from Amazonian wild rubber

Veja is a French footwear and accessories brand. In Brazil, it also goes by the name of Vert. The business was founded in 2004. Veja’s founders Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion meet with organic cotton farmers in North Brazil and wild rubber tappers in the Amazon (Seringueiros) to establish the production chain behind Veja in Brazil.

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Vice Media – Media for millennials

Vice was launched in 1994 as a "punk zine" and has since expanded into a leading global youth media company with bureaus in over 30 countries. It includes the world’s premier original online video destination, a network of digital channels, a television production studio, a magazine, a record label, an in-house creative agency, a consumer insights team, and a book-publishing division.

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Vinaya – The millennial entrepreneur who thinks human first, tech second

Kate Unsworth's favourite words are banana and martini. She is a maths grad and part-time model, who has embraced a millennial mindset for business, and also a love of technologies that are thoughtful, human and fashionable.

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Vinomofo – Australian wine lovers community

Vinomofo is all about good wine, real people, and the most epic wine deals on the planet. Founded by André Eikmeier and Justin Dry in 2011 from an Adelaide garage, the business sources and sells wines that they drink and they think members will love too. “We represent a revolution against the bowties and bullshit of the wine snobs and posers who think wine is for the chosen few elite and educated. It’s not. We think everybody should be able to enjoy good wine, without feeling intimidated”

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Virgin Galactic – Astronauts all, but the goal is long-haul

The space race is on, to provide regular affordable flights for business, research and tourism. And whilst the development has not been without problems, Virgin’s vision, determination and spacecraft design, promises to go where others haven't, or at least from London to Sydney in one hour.

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Warby Parker – Designer eyewear at revolutionary price

"Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: glasses are too expensive. We were students when one of us lost his glasses on a backpacking trip. The cost of replacing them was so high that he spent the first semester of grad school without them, squinting and complaining. (We don’t recommend this.) The rest of us had similar experiences, and we were amazed at how hard it was to find a pair of great frames that didn’t leave our wallets bare. Where were the options?"

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Welspun – Sustainable textiles from India

Welspun Group is one of India’s fastest growing global conglomerates with businesses in line pipes, home textiles, infrastructure, steel, advanced textiles and flooring solutions. In particular it is seen as a leader in home textiles with a presence in over 50 countries and 26,000 employees.

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WeWork – The workspace that helps you create a better life

In May 2008, Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey established GreenDesk, an "eco-friendly coworking space" in New York City. In 2010, Neumann and McKelvey sold the business and started WeWork with its first location in New York’s SoHo district. WeWork provides shared workspace, community, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses. WeWork designs and builds physical and virtual communities in which entrepreneurs share space and office services and have the opportunity to work together. The company’s 30,000+ members have access to health insurance, an internal social network, social events and workshops, and an annual summer retreat.

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White Claw – Riding the wave of popularity

White Claw Hard Seltzer takes its inspiration from the legend of the White Claw wave – when three perfect crests come together to create a moment of pure refreshment.

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Xiaomi – China’s Apple-like phones with Jobs-like leader

Xiaomi saw its smartphone sales sink in 2016 due in part to its ramped-up competition with Huawei and BBK. But the company has seen remarkable international growth

It sold 2 million devices in India in fall 2016—and hopes its sleek new Mi Mix and Mi Note 2 smartphones will reignite sales in China. Xiaomi is also working to upend the narrow perception of its brand: The company’s wide-ranging hardware offerings include everything from headphones and fitness bands to tablets and power strips and water purifiers. In 2016 alone, it introduced its first laptop, a set-top box, a robot vacuum, a smart rice cooker, a $29 VR headset, a quadcopter drone, and its MiJia electric scooter, among a slew of other ventures.

Xiaomi aims to become an internet of things powerhouse through its investments, so far, in 77 companies, which can tap into Xiaomi’s resources, supply chain, and growing retail presence online and off (Xiaomi opened three-dozen brick-and-mortar stores this year, with hundreds more in the pipeline) to scale up faster. The company believe this portfolio approach—which doesn’t involve hiring engineers to build all these products—will create an ecosystem of devices and services with recurring revenue streams.

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Zespri – Redefining the Chinese gooseberry as the Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit are a great example of market creation. Zespri, owned by New Zealand growers, shows how to build premium brands that increase the market size, whilst also capturing disproportionate value, and what might otherwise be a commodity market.

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Zhong An – China's first online insurance brand, with a quirky approach to selling

Ping An, Tencent and Alibaba joined forces in 2013 to launch Zhong An, China’s first truly digital insurer. Zhong An is China’s first property insurance company that sells all its products online along with handling claims.

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Zidisha – Peer to peer microfinance in developing markets

Zidisha is a non-profit organisation that matches African entrepreneurs with peer to peer loans from around the world, keeping interest rates low by cutting out intermediaries and using simple technology.

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Zingerman’s – A passion for food, and for people

Zingerman's is a community of eight food-related businesses all located in the Ann Arbor, MI area. "Our mission is to share the Zingerman’s experience selling food that makes you happy giving service that makes you smile in passionate pursuit of our mission showing love and caring in all our actions to enrich as many lives as we possibly can."

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Zipcar – Why own a car when you can hire a cooler one?

Collaborative consumption drives the better use of assets, and often a better deal for customers. Better products at a fraction of the price. The subscription model builds community and loyalty.

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Zipline – Drone delivery of vital medical supplies

Zipline's mission is to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies. In order to achieve this, the organisation has built the world's fastest and most reliable delivery drone, the world's largest autonomous logistics network.

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Zozo – Japan's custom-fit clothes

Say goodbye to standard sizes and hello to custom-fit clothes. The free ZOZOSUIT lets you capture a 3D measurement of your unique body from home. Once you’ve measured, you can order affordable ZOZO clothing that is made according to your unique measurements and delivered directly to your door.

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Zuvaa – The global marketplace for African-inspired fashion

Zuvaa launched in 2014 as an online destination of African Inspired fashion and accessories.Kelechi Anyadiegwu started the fashion business to fill a void which she saw in the African Fashion Industry, a place for affordable, ethically made, African-inspired pieces.

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Ørsted – The world's most sustainable business

Ørsted, the energy company based in Fredericia, Denmark, was recently ranked "the world’s most sustainable company", by Corporate Knights 2020, which is not bad given that 10 years ago 95% of its energy came from fossil fuels. Ørsted’s vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy.

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