Recode 3: Innovation Recoded: Creativity, Design, Innovation, Business Models

Most innovation is still focused on developing better products, maybe services. Most innovation takes a cool new technology and tries to apply it to an old activity. Innovation applies to every aspect of business, and like the entrepreneurs who seek to disrupt established business, we need to entrepreneurial in mindset and action. That starts with hypothesis and experimentation. Ideas come from insight, not through old research, instead through deep immersion and stretch imagination. Experimentation is about rapid test and learn loops, being able to conceptualise ideas than test them quickly, to learn and then scale them.

Key questions that we will explore include:

  • Where do new ideas come from, how can we more curious and creative as an organisation?
  • How can I use human-centred design thinking as a catalyst for faster, smarter innovation?
  • What are the alternative business models that could work in my business, and how can I adopt them?
  • How do I ensure that innovations don’t lose their impact once they enter the market?
  • What sustains  a culture of innovation through my business?

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