Recode 4: Work Recoded: People, Organisations, Agility and Transformation

Most organisations were designed for stability and efficiency, not agility and change. Hierarchical layers of command and control may have worked in the days of Henry Ford, but not Elon Musk. Today’s most effective organisations are much more adaptive,  like living organisms. They work in highly decentralised self-organising teams, more like start-ups under one roof. Teams need to be diverse and collaborative, learning to work at speed with high levels of trust and impact. Transformation is much more than digitalisation, it requires the whole organisation to reinvent itself, and probably to do so continuously.

Key questions that we will explore include:

  • How do I design my organisation to balance freedom and control?
  • What makes a great team work?
  • How can we work with more partners, to achieve more together, as an ecosystem?
  • What builds energy, pace and momentum inside the organisation?
  • How do I drive effective change, and sustain transformation over time?

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