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@yoitsholly There really is nothing we love more than your food experiments that come with a warning of: MAY EAT ALL AT ONCE IMMEDIATELY 😍
RT @thesaltedtable:you guys are quite the influencers.😂 we’ll see what happens
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Lewis Road Creamery

New Zealand's best ice cream and milkshakes

If you’re going to set out to make the world’s finest dairy from a converted shipping container in the Bay of Plenty, it goes without saying you’re not taking the most conventional route. But conventions have never been something Lewis Road Dairy have been much of a fan of anyway.

Lewis Road Creamery has become a sensation. Perhaps its best to let them describe their story in their own words:

“Madness, we thought. That here in New Zealand, a country which doubles as any self-respecting dairy cow’s dream home with its endless rolling green hills, we were importing butters all the way from…Europe! Absolute madness. Surely the country making the world’s best dairy produce, had to be the one given the greatest head-start by mother nature.

So we quietly set about restoring natural order to the world, bought ourselves an Italian butter churn and set it up in a converted shipping container. And from that shipping container, in Lewis Road, in the Bay of Plenty, we began our quest to make the world’s very best dairy. Madness, they said. Absolute madness.

It’s a funny old world isn’t it? Sometimes progress isn’t progress at all. Instead of making things better, it makes them an imitation of what they once were.
 At Lewis Road we’ve found some of our greatest innovations have been by going back, way back, to how things were done before compromise crept in.

We don’t ask how to make something cheaper, or how to produce as much of it as possible, we only ask ourselves this: How can we make it as it should be?

That one simple question is the driving force behind every single thing we do, from the people we hire to the packaging we use. Because real progress for us, is what it should be for everyone; making things better.

As you’re no doubt aware, we love new ideas as well. In fact, from the very beginning we’ve created an environment fuelled by exploring what’s possible; and quite frankly ignoring the rules set down by others of what can and cannot be achieved.

Our head office isn’t built around a boardroom table or a reception desk. Its main feature is its kitchen. There you’ll find there’s always some new idea simmering away on the stove, or being whisked together on the bench. And if it’s good enough, one day that same idea will make it onto your kitchen bench as well. If you’d like to be part of the Lewis Road kitchen, you can. From time to time we share new products and initiatives with our VIP friends for their honest feedback (don’t worry, we can take it) to make sure they meet your high standards, as well as ours.

How acquainted with dairy cows are you? We’ve come to know quite a few of them recently and we find them the most inspiring of creatures. Theirs is a simple existence based on the consumption of fresh produce, a love of the outdoors, and a passion for dairy at its simplest. No wonder we find them so inspiring. That’s why, whatever we do, we’ll never roam far from the farm. Just like the experts themselves.”

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