Peter’s new book “Business Recoded” explores how to reimagine your business for a post-Covid world, but also a fast-changing world of incredible technologies, challenging new agendas and demanding consumers. It is shortlisted for CMI “Management Book of the Year“.

It’s about business leaders stepping up, with the courage to create a “better” future, one where purpose and profit align to drive enlightened progress. This demands a new approach to strategy, innovation, and leadership – with practical application to every sector.

His previous book “Gamechangers”  is about the next generation of brands and businesses – from Alibaba to Zespri, Aeromobil to Zipcar – who are transforming markets by thinking bigger – with bolder brands, smarter innovation and clever marketing.

Other books include “Marketing Genius (left and right-brain thinking that defines a new manifesto for marketing), which has been translated into 35 languages. “People Planet Profit” (embracing sustainability for smarter innovation and growth) which was one of the “Best Books of 2010″ (Management Today), following on from “Customer Genius (transforming business from the “outside in”, becoming a customer-centric business),  “Business Genius” (leadership and strategy in turbulent times) and “Creative Genius” (the essential innovation guide for business visionaries, border crossers and entrepreneurs).

Business Recoded: Have the Courage to Create a Better Future

Business needs a new code for success! Change is dramatic, pervasive and relentless. The challenges are numerous. The opportunities are greater. Incredible technologies and geopolitical shifts, complex markets and stagnating growth, demanding customers and disruptive entrepreneurs, environmental crisis and social distrust, unexpected shocks and uncertain futures. The old codes that got us here don’t work anymore. Moving forwards needs a new mindset. Business Recoded is for business leaders who s …

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Dear CEO

50 personal letters from the world’s leading business thinkers. Peter Fisk’s letter “The 10x Leader” features in this Thinkers50 book in which each business guru writes a letter to the world’s CEOs describing the most important challenge for them. “This collection of specially-commissioned letters offers clear, calming and concise advice from across the spectrum of current leadership thinking. Written by respected business thinkers around the world, these 50 letters provide guidance, wisdom and …

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Creating Innovative Strategies for Business and Brands Across the world, new ideas, new businesses and new solutions are transforming every market. “Gamechangers” think and act differently. They innovate every aspect of their strategy and business model, brand and marketing, process and leadership. From Alibaba to Zipcars, Ashmei to Zidisha, Azuri and Zynga, a new generation of businesses are rising out of the maelstrom of economic and technological change across our world. These are just a few …

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Creative Genius

The Innovation Handbook for Business Leaders Time and space. Genetics and robotics. Education and fashion. Possibilities limited only by our imaginations. The future is yours to create. Could you be the Leonardo de Vinci of our times? 

Most ideas are incremental, quickly copied and suffocated by conventions. “Future back” thinking starts with stretching possibilities then makes them a reality “now forward”. The best ideas emerge by seeing what everyone has seen, and thinking like nobody else. N …

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People Planet Profit

How to embrace sustainability for smarter innovation and business growth  Sustainability is the best opportunity for business to drive smarter innovation and profitable growth. Peter Fisk’s bestselling book explores how to address social and environmental challenges through customers and brands in a way that has more impact than politicians or environmentalists ever could. It introduces a more inspired, more balanced approach to business. Full of case studies and practical tools, it is the essen …

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Customer Genius

Becoming a customer-centric business “Hello, I am your customer. Do you see the world like I do? It’s simple really. Start with me and everything else follows. Together we can do extraordinary things … “ Customers are now in control of our markets, demanding that we do business on their terms. Their expectations are high, and loyalty is rare. They are individual and emotional, well-informed and highly organized. They know what they want, and only accept the best. “Customer Genius” introduces a …

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Business Genius

A more inspired approach to strategy, leadership and change How do you lead a business in turbulent times, when change is essential but the destination is uncertain? What kind of strategy provides focus and agility, to create extraordinary value to all stakeholders in the long-term, whilst still succeeding in the short-term. Ultimately a business is about growth – sustainable, profitable growth. As the organisation evolves how does it drive and accelerate this growth? In the past we focused on c …

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Marketing Genius

The left and right-brain of marketing for business success  Marketing injects the customer insight and creative thinking that gives business its edge. However it must combine this with the analytical and commercial rigour that drives strategy, innovation and profitable growth. The genius of marketing lies in the ability to connect outside and inside, markets and business, customers and shareholders, creativity and analysis, promises and reality, today and tomorrow. From Apple to Agent Provocateu …

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