Performance Lab

creative workshopPerformance Lab is the place to develop your leadership, organisation and metrics to win:

The 21st century business is fast and agile, flat and connected, ready and responsive to fast-changing markets. Leaders bring people together, making sense of change, and shaping the future together:

  • Leadership Canvas – to lead in a way that amplifies potential
  • Culture Canvas – to establish a better way of doing things
  • Sustainability Canvas – to build an enduring, responsible business
  • Performance Canvas – to deliver superior value to every stakeholder

New research projects

Peter Fisk’s two main research platforms, exploring the rapidly changing world of business, right now, and bringing together the very latest ideas and insights, cases and reports, are below. They also form the basis of my latest keynote speeches, new strategic workshops, executive education programs, and my next books:

  • Business Futures Project … What’s the future of business? How are business leaders reinventing organisations, and driving innovation and transformation, for future growth?
  • Sustainable Futures Project … What’s the future of sustainability? How are organisation embracing social and environmental challenges to drive radical innovation and impact?

New articles and reports

Peter Fisk has also brought together over 250 resources – inspiring articles, trend reports, case studies, toolkits and more – which you can explore for inspiration as you wish. (All materials are proprietary, by Peter Fisk or other sources, however you are welcome to download and use them!)

  • Future Recoded … useful resources about futures, trends, scenarios, purpose, and change
  • Growth Recoded … useful resources about strategy, markets, brands, customers, sustainability
  • Innovation Recoded  … useful resources about innovation, creativity, design, business models
  • Work Recoded… useful resources about people, organisations, teams, agility, transformation
  • Leadership Recoded … useful resources about leadership, courage, and high performance

New case studies and profiles

Peter Fisk profiles over 100 business leaders, and 100 most inspiring companies, largely through one to one interviews and published in my various books. (All materials are proprietary, however you are welcome to download and use them!). You can dip into them here:

  • 100 Inspiring Leaders … from Anne Wojcicki to Bernard Arnault, Cristina Junqueira to Ben Francis, Zhang Ruimin to Zhang Yimin, and many more.
  • 250 Innovative Companies … from %Arabica to 1Atelier, 77 Diamonds to A Boring Life, Aerofarms to Alibaba, Babylon and and more.
  • Leadership Letters … inspiring letters like Satya Nadella’s first day as CEO, Richard Branson to his grandchildren, and more.
  • Leadership Videos … inspiring videos of great leaders, like Jeff Bezos, Emily Weiss, Tan Le, Tobi Lutke, and Warren Buffett

Practical canvases for leadership action

Start with leadership – are you fit and focused on the future, then explore your culture, with the right structures and incentives to work in better ways, and then think about your impact, both in terms of profitable, sustainable financial results, but also about making the world a better place:

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More inspiration … to develop and lead a better business

Holocracy is a new approach to leadership, rejecting the old hierarchical models of command and control, to lead through collaboration and community. In the Gamechangers book we explore the 4Cs of this new leadership:

The Circular Economy is about creating a zero waste ecosystem, where resources are replenished, and the whole system works together in a way that is responsible socially and environmentally, but also delivers commercially:

The agility of organisations to pivot is incredibly important in fast-changing markets. That is the ability to recognise that markets are changing, or a proposition or business model isn’t working, and change rapidly to a better place:

WhatsApp created $19bn value in 3 years, Xiaomi created $65bn in 5 years … today’s most successful performers are exponential in their impact. Whilst you might say they are different, customers and investors can choose you or them.