Brand Lab

creative workshopBrand Lab is the place to build a more inspiring brand, communicating and delivering it:

Brands are about making life better, in a relevant and inspiring way for your customers and business. They capture their priorities and aspirations, ideas they can live their lives by, and potentially enabling them to achieve more:

  • Brand Canvas – to define a more inspiring purpose
  • Proposition Canvas – how to make it relevant for each audience
  • Engagement Canvas – how to connect with people more deeply
  • Relationship Canvas – how to build loyalty with and between people

Start with a clear and inspired vision about what your brand enables people to do, then turn that into a series of propositions about the more specific benefits to each audience. Engage them through more resonant marketing, and nurture relationships with, and most importantly, between them:

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More inspiration … to build brands that make life better

Storytelling lies at the heart of brand activation. Being able to bring an inspiring narrative to life in a way that engages audiences, and introduces a more relevant and valued proposition, solution and experience:

Value propositions make brands relevant to customers – either by segment or individually. As the name suggests they focus on the value created (the benefits to the customer of what is enabled) and value captured (the price model):

Social marketing – personal and collaborative, mobile and local – has fundamentally changed the rules of marketing, replacing the old broadcast campaigns with new ways to build brands and engage people, faster and deeper:

Customer-centricity is the philosophy that underpin the new approaches to brands about customers, and marketing done on customers terms. It starts from the outside in, inspired by customers, and oriented around them: