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Here are some of my recent keynote speeches and interviews, and other interesting videos to stimulate your thinking … See under speaking for a full list of example speaking topics, and under education for seminars and masterclasses. Open your mind, ready to think different …

Wave Riders: Leading the Future Megatrends

How do you see the future? Peter Fisk’s keynote at the QSP Summit 2021 in Portugal explores the post-pandemic world, the new opportunities emerging as every market is shaken up, and what it takes to reimagine the future and embrace the waves of change.  Peter takes you on a journey that rides the 5 seismic megatrends reshaping every market over the next 10 years, and what this means for business and its leaders in driving future strategies, innovation and growth. He explores some of the world’s most innovative companies right now – from Tan Le’s Emotiv neurotech to Mikael Bjergso’s world-leading craft beer, Haier’s future vision for the home and DBS’s invisible bank, Jio’s super apps of India and Orsted’s green transformation. And how to do it. Future back and outside in. With purpose, disruption and courage. Jump on your surfboard and get ready for an incredible ride!

Spider Silk and Sizzling Burgers … TED Talk on brands and sustainability, 2020

Why are brands the most powerful, inspiring platforms for positive change in our world today? … The world is on fire. Global contagions and unstoppable wildfires, social inequality and melting ice caps. Demanding consumers and disruptive technologies, unexpected shocks and stagnating growth. It’s time for business to step up and be more. To reimagine brands as platforms for radical change, driving innovation that solves bigger problems, inspiring consumers together to create more positive impact. BlackRock to Bolt Threads, Cemex and Chobani, EcoAlf to LanzaTech, Icon and Impossible, Too Good to Go to Tesla … How can purpose drive more profits, technologies solve the biggest problems, and nature create more luxurious lives? We need to shift our minds from paradox to possibility – aligning short and long-terms, purpose and profit, humanity and technology, creating more from less, resource and replenishment, accessibility and exclusivity, equality and wealth. Now is the time for a new kind of capitalism, seizing the opportunities of disruption and change, harnessing the power of business to create enlightened progress. Now is the time for business leaders to find a new code for business success.

Accelerating our digital future … Online Keynote, Austria 2020

More change in the next 10 years than the last 250 years. Every company is now a digital company. How can you make sense of a world is changing so fast? How will you transform your market and business, by harnessing the potential of new technologies, plus new business models, to reimagine how you can work, compete and win differently? Consider Sushi Singularity in Tokyo, send them your DNA test in advance of your restaurant visit, and they will 3D print your perfect sushi, uniquely for your body and taste. Or PingAn, the world’s second largest insurance business that has become the world’s largest healthcare platform. Or Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier, the consumer to consumer beauty business, using the power of networks to co-create a brand with passion and collaboration. These are just few inspirations, helping you to reimagine a digital future, for a real world.


Innovation Leaders … Keynote and chair/facilitator for corporate events

Peter Fisk is a highly experience host/chair of large conferences, events and workshops – as well as providing insightful keynotes – and also working with organisers over the months before the event to shape the agenda, develop the narrative, select and brief speakers, develop participative activities, provide high energy facilitation, bring together key insights and ideas, and ensure the event has maximum impact for organisers, sponsors and participants. He is the annual host of the Thinkers50 European Business Forum, bringing together Europe’s top CEOs with the world’s leading business academics. He has worked on events with diverse audiences – technical, multinational, political – in every sector – finance to consumer goods, engineering to publishing. Here are some clips from a recent 3-day “Innovation Leaders” forum for the senior management of a world-leading industrial company. It combined hosting, keynote, interviews and much more!

Gamechangers … Smarter Innovation, Faster Growth

Highlights from Reinvention 2017, the largest innovation event in Latin America, held in Guayaquil, Equador. Peter Fisk keynote and practical follow-up sessions explore the world of “Gamechangers” … disruptive innovators shaking up every market … including those locally. What do they do differently? How do they make sense of the future? How do they innovate? How do they lead?

The Future is Female … Opening Keynote at WIL Economic Forum 2018

Peter Fisk’s opening keynote at the Women in Leadership Economic Forum, in Dubai UAE, organised by Naseba. He explored the drivers of a changing world, the ways in which the most innovative companies win, and what it takes to be a leader in this new world. He concluded that the attributes for success are “more female”, they come more naturally to women, and harder to the traditional approaches of men. Imagination, creativity, empathy, intuition, relationships. These are the factors that drive success today.

Changing the Game of Travel … Opening keynote of GBTA 2018

Highlights from the Global Business Travel Association’s 2018 global summit in Berlin, exploring the changing world and how it is driving rapid and dramatic change in travel behaviours. So how can travel organisations, and in-house travel managers, respond? Peter Fisk explores the world’s most innovative companies right now, how they are shaking up their different markets, and draws comparisons and ideas for  what it could mean in travel – new inspirations for the audience to drive innovation  and growth.

Future Back … Leadership for better innovation and growth

Peter Fisk takes you on a journey to 2030, along a timeline of future innovations, and then brings you backwards, so that you can shape your own future in your vision. So what is the future of your business? And by working backwards, how does it change the priorities for today? Peter describes 7 principles for leadership in a world of relentless change, and how to lead more radical innovation and successful growth over the coming years. Special event for KEBA in Austria, June 2018.

Be the Gamechanger … Leading innovation and growth

Peter Fisk introduces Gamechangers, his new book, keynote and workshops – defining what it takes to be an effective leader who drives better innovation, and more profitable sustainable growth in today’s fast changing markets.

Leading the Future … “How will you change your world?

More highlights from Reinvention 2017, the largest innovation event in Latin America, held in Guayaquil, Equador. Peter Fisk keynote and practical follow-up sessions explore the world of “Gamechangers” … disruptive innovators shaking up every market … including those locally. What do they do differently? How do they make sense of the future? How do they innovate? How do they lead?

Peter Fisk introduces the Business Innovation Lab

Future Strategy + Design Thinking + Innovation Solutions + New Business Models + Making it Happen + Inspired Leadership … over 3 modules, each 3 days at 3 business schools, in 3 European cities … new insights and new techniques to help you lead your business to success in a new world.

Zoom in Zoom out … Winning in a VUCA World

Peter Fisk describes the challenge of winning in a VUCA world, one which is volatile yet vibrant, complex and crazy … and the challenge to “zoom out” to see the big picture of change, new trends and opportunities, whilst also to “zoom in” to make sense of big data, analytics and personalisation. Click here to explore more of the VUCA World.

Reimagining your brand and customer experience

Peter Fisk rethinks brands in a fast-changing world. Coca Cola gets it, about happiness not refreshment. So does Nike, about running faster not running shoes. Brands are about customers, their aspirations and what they enable. Similarly customer experiences are about customers, and enabling them to do what they do, not just a series of touch points to sell something. Think about Harley Davidson, with 50 year old accountants dressed in black leather … Click here to read more about The Win-Win Customer Experience.

Global Advanced Management Program, introduced by Peter Fisk

Peter Fisk introduces IE Business School’s new flagship executive development program for business leaders ready to step up to the C suite. He takes you through the 5 modules – World changing, market shaping, disruptive innovation, energising organisations and amplified leadership. Peter is the program director of this high-level program, facilitating the overall narrative and practical application.

100 Disruptive Innovators in 5 Minutes

Amazon and Alibaba to Zespri and ZhongAn … Who are the world’s most disruptive innovators, shaking up every market, right now? Peter Fisk draws on his “Gamechangers” ranking, regularly updated with competitions and studies around the world, to profile the most inspiring, most innovative businesses – today. This is a typical highlight of  Peter’s keynotes, giving a flavour of the incredible diversity of innovation across the world, and encouraging audiences to take new insights and ideas from the best.

Future Hackers … Accelerating growth with agile innovation

Accelerating Growth with Agile Innovation … What is a hacker? Somebody who experiments, using hypothesis, seeking patterns, testing and learning, adapting and persisting. To find the code … So what is a future hacker, in business? And how do they find the code to the future? … Watch Peter Fisk’s keynote speech live in Copenhagen at the Borsen Innovation Summit, which is followed by a preview of the Thinkers50 European Business Forum 2018 of which he is the founder, designer and host.

Gamechangers in South America

Peter Fisk is in Buenos Aires to explore the brands and businesses across South America who are changing the game. He explores what it takes to be a winner in today’s incredible world, the challenges and opportunities for profitable growth. He introduces the world’s most disruptive innovators, and then share some local insights, like Yerba Mate Taragui.

The Future of Retail

Peter Fisk talks at the Swedbank Retail Forum about the opportunities for retailers to innovate and grow in challenging markets, how to embrace physical and digital as hybrid experiences, and engage the millennials as well as other generations. He introduces his 10 big ideas for retail futures, learning from the best retailers, but also from different sectors. Click here to explore more about The Future of Retail.

The Magic Marketing Machine

Peter Fisk explores the challenge of simplicity in marketing – how to truly focus your mindset and resources on what matters most. From a more inspiring purpose, and single-minded propositions, your marketing can be much more accelerated and amplified using networks and communities. Introduction to the Global Marketing Summit in Istanbul.

Leading and Innovating like Steve Jobs

Peter Fisk leads a masterclass on APPLE MAGIC … learning from the business and marketing secrets of Apple, and the leadership and innovation of Steve Jobs. In this short extract, he talks about Jobs early days setting up the “Mac” team of disruptors, raising a pirate flag above their office in Cupertino. Click here to find more about Apple Magic.

The Gamechangers Executive Program 

Peter Fisk introduces his 3 day executive programs for business leaders, including open formats with IE Business School. It’s about leaders making sense of fast-changing markets, developing new strategies and business models, innovating solutions and experiences, being a leader of change, and driving more positive and profitable growth.

Peter Fisk on Changing the Game

Peter explores what it means to change the game, with particular focus for the communications industry, in a video for Nokia Networks (that’s thew new Nokia, after the mobile business was licensed to Microsoft!). He draws parallels between different sectors, and how we can learn from each. For telecoms, the challenge is to be commoditised or add value, not changing is not an option.

Peter Fisk interview with Thinkers 50

Peter, who features on the Thinkers 50 Guru Radar, introduces the idea of Gamechangers, and what the big opportunities are to innovate your markets, not just your business – to shape your competitive space in your own vision, from the boundaries to the perceptions of value. And some of the companies who are “changing the game”.

Peter Fisk interview by Big Ideas CEE

Peter talks about business and brands, leadership and culture – and what it takes to win if you are a global corporation, or equally a small business in Bratislava, Slovakia. He’s actually just walked off stage, having announced the winner of this year’s Gamechanger Awards, who were Aeromobil, the flying car.

Peter Fisk interviews Sir Richard Branson

It’s not often you get to spend a day with one of the world’s richest men, and most admired innovators. Here are some highlights from Peter’s interview with Sir Richard at the London Business Forum in front of an audience of  almost 10000 people, including Branson’s mother and father,  crammed into Westminister Hall. Click here to read the full interview.

Gamechangers Seminar: 4 hours in 4 minutes!

Peter Fisk describes the key takeaways from the half-day Gamechangers seminar  – in this case at Gamechangers Scotland 2016 event for Vistage Business Leaders. Across the world, new ideas, new businesses and new solutions are transforming every market. “Gamechangers” think and act differently. They innovate every aspect of their brand and marketing.

Outthink the Competition

Extract from Peter Fisk’s keynote to Vistage Business Leaders, exploring why we live in an ideas economy, and how ideas can be your competitive advantage – having a better understanding of the changing world, a better vision for the future, a better strategy to get there, a better brand to engage people, a better proposition to make it real and relevant, and a better story to sustain your growth, and sustain word of mouth in fast moving markets.

The 100 Most Innovative Companies, Right Now!

Extract from Peter Fisk’s keynote to Vistage Business Leaders, showcasing 100 disruptive innovators who are shaking up every market right now – 100 companies in 3 mins 30 seconds – in order to give delegates a flavour of the diversity of ideas, strategies, companies and markets where innovation is happening, and which they could learn from. Peter then goes on to explore some in more detail, and apply the delegate’s favourite ideas to their own business.

How to Create a Community of Customers

Peter Fisk talks to Vistage Business Leaders about how to connect your customers together to build a more powerful brand, deeper engagement and collaboration, and a movement inspired by your purpose. From Harley Davidson to Rapha Cycle Club, Peter explains why people trust each other than any brand, and describes what makes a winning brand community in today’s markets.

The Future of Advertising

Peter Fisk talks about the new world of marketing, and in particular the need for marketers to more actively own their brands, own their creativity and storytelling, rather than “outsourcing” it to the creative agencies. He calls for a new partnership between marketers and all of their agencies – advertising, digital, analytics, and more – in order to deliver better marketing, realtime.

Peter Fisk introduces his “Genius” books

As you look around the world today … you’ll find four books which together create a manifesto for 21st century business leadership. Peter introduces all 4 of the books – Customer Genius, Business Genius, Creative Genius and Marketing Genus – and explains how they will help you to win. Find more about each of the Genius books

Peter Fisk interview on a Great Keynote, New ideas and Inspirations

What are the big themes which Peter talks about? What makes a great keynote speech? How does he connect with the audience, inspire them and make it practical too? What does he believes matters most in the business world, and how can businesses really embrace the new opportunities of today’s markets?

Peter Fisk hosts the Thinkers50 European Business Forum 2017

Peter Fisk hosts Europe’s premier business event … featuring Michael Porter, Erin Meyer, Lars Rebien Sorensen, Marshall Goldsmith, and many more leading business gurus … 9-10 May 2017, Odense, Denmark. The top-level event exclusively for business leaders is fast and interactive, bringing the world’s best thinkers together with Europe’s top leaders, in a fusion of keynotes, big talks, spotlights and more.

Peter Fisk hosts the Thinkers50 European Business Forum 2018

Peter Fisk hosts Europe’s premier business event … this year focusing on social innovation and growth, featuring global experts like Roger Martin, Don Tapscott, Alex Osterwalder, Martin Lindstrom, Whitney Johnson, Chris Zook, Google’s Matt Britten, Siemen’s Jim Hageman Snabe, TV2’s Jimmy Maymann, and more … held on 26-27 Nevember 2018 in Odense, Denmark. The top-level event is exclusively for business leaders is fast and interactive, bringing the world’s best thinkers together with Europe’s top leaders, in a fusion of keynotes, big talks, spotlights and more.

Watch many more videos at Peter Fisk’s Youtube Channel