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One Medical

Healthcare reinvented, any service, when you need it

One Medical Group challenges the notion that delivering high-quality, accessible health care is either unachievable or prohibitively expensive. In fact, we’re working to prove that just the opposite is possible — a system where quality care is affordable and available to everyone. To bring this vision to life, we rely on people-centered design, smart application of technology, and a team of talented primary care providers who have the time and tools to make the right decisions. The integration of these elements allows us to offer a seamless experience that not only saves our patients time and money but also leads to better health outcomes and happier lives.

To identify the many ways that a doctor’s office can be improved, One Medical founder and CEO Tom X. Lee, an internist, spent the company’s early days serving in a variety of roles, from physician to accountant.

He hit on a membership model that adds tech-enabled services to a high-tech foundation—allowing him to cut the administrative costs of traditional care by two-thirds, he says.

One Medical now has 54 offices around the U.S., a 46% bump over 2015, and its model offers a template for a health care system in flux. “We’re doing more for less,” says Lee, “and always reengineering our processes.”

Business Insider describes a recent visit:

Going to the doctor’s office can be a logistical nightmare. A physician’s busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to stop in when you’re feeling worst. When you do finally get there, you wait in a fluorescent-lit, white-walled room among screaming babies and sneezing patients for what seems like an eternity.

One Medical Group, a concierge medical practice that promises high-quality care at an affordable rate, reimagines this experience.

The company oversees a networkof 250-plus primary care specialists in 40 US cities, enabling patients to book last-minute appointments on their phones, get certain prescriptions via the One Medical app, and access health records online.

The San Francisco-based company, founded in 2007, added 80,000 new patients in 2015 and brought in a number of enterprise clients.

I was one of those new patients, and it didn’t take long for me to become obsessed. Here’s what it’s like inside one of One Medical’s swanky doctor’s offices in San Francisco.


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