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Positive Luxury

The butterfly mark of brands you can trust

Curation is a key role for retailer, editing and guiding in a world of infinite choice. Making sustainability positive, being better rather than less bad, being authentic and natural, softer or brighter.

Positive Luxury’s mission is to curate and champion an exclusive collection of stylish, responsible brands, or as founder Diana Verde Nieto puts it “creating the ultimate destination for people looking to live a more positive life”.

“Our vision is for a world where people and the environment prosper together – where companies and brands are part of the solution. We believe that the best way to promote positive living is to make it attractive, enjoyable and profitable for people, businesses and communities.”

What that means in practice is that people need inspiration and information, about what is fashionable and innovative, but also the social and environmental impacts of the brands and companies too. This is particularly the case for luxury brands who were slower to embrace ethical practices.

Consumers want good stuff, and they want to do good too.

Positive Luxury’s butterfly “trust mark” is a simple way of labelling the products and brands that have you can rely on. Living, and shopping, should be a positive experience, argues Verde Nieto, not about wading through claims and counter claims. “We make it easy to live more positively”.

She chose the logo because of its beauty and fragility – the Large Blue was wiped out in the UK in the 1970s, thanks to new farming techniques and over-eager butterfly collectors. In 1983, conservationists started importing the species from Sweden, which with the help of 23 organisations became the most successful insect reintroduction programme in the world.

“We believe we can all play a part in reversing environmental damage, and that making more informed choices about the brands we choose to buy can help us each to create our own blue butterfly story. In other words you get to look good and live well without changing your habits – you just have to know where to shop. And we’re doing that bit for you”. All you have to do is look for the butterfly mark.

Pivot points for Positive Luxury in “changing the game” of retail has been:

  • Think: Making sense of consumers, making sustainability desirable
  • Inspire: Creating a brand trusted and desired by businesses and consumers
  • Design: Building a business models with multiple revenue streams
  • Impact: Helping people live a better life, and brands to build a better world


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