The New Customer Agenda

What will matter most to consumers over the next decade? In an extract from his new book “Business Recoded”, Peter Fisk explores the big themes that will most influence people, and how brands and businesses need to respond.

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Business Recoded: Free sample of Peter Fisk’s new book

Change is dramatic, pervasive and relentless. Leaders face a maelstrom of challenges – stagnating growth and uncertain futures, environmental crisis and social distrust, demanding customers and disruptive entrepreneurs. Companies struggle to survive, a …

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People Planet Profit … by Peter Fisk … Free Edition for TEDx Countdown 2020

I am giving away this free edition of my book to celebrate TEDx Countdown 2020. Business, and in particular brands, are the most powerful, inspiring platforms for change. Bringing consumers together to address the big challenges we face, meeting needs …

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