Dear CEO

50 personal letters from the world’s leading business thinkers.

Peter Fisk’s letter “The 10x Leader” features in this Thinkers50 book in which each business guru writes a letter to the world’s CEOs describing the most important challenge for them. “This collection of specially-commissioned letters offers clear, calming and concise advice from across the spectrum of current leadership thinking. Written by respected business thinkers around the world, these 50 letters provide guidance, wisdom and personal insight into the particular challenges facing the business world today and anyone in a senior position.”

Other contributors include Tom Peters, who stresses the importance of focussing on the people within an organization; Liz Mellon, who writes to her CEO about gender equality in the workplace; Erin Meyer on cultural differences; Scott Anthony on optimising your old business whilst creating your new; Don Tapscott on the power of new technologies like Blockchain; Alex Osterwalder on the business model canvas; Chris Zook, explaining how a change of mentality can lead to exponential growth; and Linda Brimm, who discusses managing global cosmopolitans and a modern workforce. Dear CEO also features a foreword by Zhang Ruimin, Chairman and CEO of Haier Group.


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Book details

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication date: August 24, 2017
ISBN: 9781472950680