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creative workshopCreative Lab is the place to turn customer insights and bright ideas into business innovation:

Innovation requires divergence to explore the best insights and ideas, and then convergence to focus on what and how to make happen. Innovation is typically about making new and powerful connections:

  • Insights Canvas – how to discover what really matters
  • Co-creation Canvas – how to develop ideas with customers
  • Business Canvas – how to design a better business model
  • Innovation Canvas – how to make your best ideas happen

Start with insights, a deep dive into the world of your customers, exploring what really matters to them, and their dreams. Work with them collaboratively, and with other partners, to develop ideas, and then apply them to the whole business for more impact:

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Inspiration … to drive smarter innovation

Getting started: Innovation today is about much more than creating better products and services. Indeed that’s probably not really innovation. In Business Recoded – my new book, executive program and consulting approach – we think differently about innovation:

Ideas and insights come from many different places – from research, observation, feedback, trends, parallels, extremes, and experience – Steven Johnson wrote the book Where do ideas come from?


Innovation is about connecting the dots … As Steve Jobs said, its easy to connect the dots when you look back, but looking forwards its about finding the dots, and making new connections. That is the heart of innovation:

Design Thinking is about solving any kind of business problem through deeper insights and practical creativity. It typically starts with a deep dive into the customer world, creative interpretation and rapid prototyping:

New business models bring together innovative ideas across the business, ensuring that the whole organisation is aligned to deliver innovation, and the new revenue streams which it supports:

How do you bring all these ideas together?

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