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@ThisIsVann Hi Vann, I'm sorry to hear that you haven't received your cards. I would like to know more. Please send…
@EveresShane Hi Shane, a DM is direct message. You can send us one through our page. ^Jess
@ThefaceofNFT Hi, that definitely sounds odd and I would like to know more. Please send me a DM and we can chat there. ^Jess
@ImranMeezan Hi Imran, that definitely is a long wait and isn't something we want you to experience. I would like t…
@MOONCHILDKIHYUK Hi there, that definitely is a long time to wait and isn't something we want you to go through. I…
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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

When we believe, we can

CommBank's innovative products and services are all about helping you to achieve more - to find a better home, to travel the world, to serve your customers better, to grow your business faster - its about more than money, its about you.

“We’re changing the way banking happens” says Andy Lark, CMO of Australia’s most innovative bank. Leading the way in using mobile and social media, CommBank is using technology to enable its customers to achieve more, as well as making transactions fast and easy. It sees the intimacy of social relationships between its customers as the best way to rebuild trust and transparency, whilst mobile apps seek to help people in their everyday lives, beyond money.

With over 1100 branches, the 48000 employees work as one collaborative team, supported by Chatter, an internal social network. Externally, the bank uses Facebook as its platform to make each customers experience more personal and relevant. Apps then enhance this experience in different ways for different situations.

Take buying a new house, for example. CommBank forms relationships with real estate companies to transform the home buying experience. Bank customers get advance notice of new properties. Find the location on the smartphone map. Arrive and see the details with augmented reality. Check the asking price, and how much mortgage payments would be from CommBank. Click to buy, and the bank will bring together all the necessary people and paperwork to make it happen.

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