Recode 5: Leadership Recoded: Management, Courage, Performance, Transformation

Leadership is about amplifying the potential of your people, and your business. Leadership is having a clear view of the future, and engaging your people in going there with you. Leadership is heads up, not heads down. Yet leadership is often a lonely job. How do you develop the resilience to keep working at pace, overcoming challenges, being the radical optimist? Today’s leaders face more challenges, more complexity, more uncertainty and more scrutiny than ever. It takes real courage to step-up. But now is the time when we need leaders more than ever.


Key questions that we will explore include:

  • What’s your leadership style, right for you and your organisation?
  • How should you spend your time, balancing internal and external, short and long-term priorities?
  • In many ways, everyone is a leader, but how does leadership change across the organisation?
  • What makes a great storyteller, and how can I more effectively inspire and influence people?
  • How do I have more courage to create the future, for myself and my business?

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