Recode 1: Future Recoded: Change, Purpose, Vision, and Scenarios

Leaders used to look to the future, based on their success in the past. Most business strategies are built on what the organisation is currently good at. Most business plans are built on doing what you did last year, but a little better. Indeed we spend far more time looking backwards, evaluating what we have done, rather than looking forwards. Anticipating, interpreting a future that is dynamic, complex and uncertain is not easy. But that is where the opportunities lie. Leadership today is about shaping the future in your own vision, and that starts by having perspective, being farsighted, and more expeditionary.


Key questions that we will explore include:

  • How to make strategic choices when the future is complex and uncertain?
  • What creates a good purpose statement, and how is it different from vision and strategy?
  • How to balance longer-term initiatives with the obsession with short-term results?
  • Where are the future opportunities, the blue oceans, the emerging uncontested markets?
  • How do I engage my people in being excited about our future potential?

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