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NHS School for Change Agents

Creating the boldest and most innovative new ideas in health and care

The Horizons Group is a small team within the UK's National Health Service (NHS) that uses radical thinking to explore change and transformation in health and care. It aims to support colleagues in health and care to think differently about how effective change practice can lead to better outcomes for patients.

Anyone who wants to bring about change has to be ready to break the rules. But in sectors such as health and social care, that can be really difficult. The art of rocking the boat while staying in it is something it seems no-one is ready to help you learn.

That’s where the School for Change Agents comes in. Brought to you by NHS England Horizons team, the School is entirely online, free, backed by the world’s largest health organisation: the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), and is a platform for change agents to learn together, using powerful, guided learning.

The NHS was launched in 1948. It was born out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth – one of the NHS’s core principles. With the exception of some charges, such as prescriptions, optical services and dental services, the NHS in England remains free at the point of use for all UK residents. This currently stands at more than 64.6 million people in the UK and 54.3 million people in England alone.

The School for Change Agents is a free five week virtual learning programme for change activists in health, social care, and related sectors.

  • Five modules
  • Absolutely free
  • Handbook and study guides
  • Guided Social Learning
  • Meet fellow change agents from all over the world

Download the 2017 Programme Guide.

If you’ve been frustrated by having to navigate stifling hierarchies to get the changes you know are needed, or criticised for being a dissenter, disruptive or even divisive, then the School is for you. It’s more than just a school — it’s a platform for learning, and a community of people like you.

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