Keynote Topics

Peter Fisk is a global thought leader – an inspiring, entertaining keynote speaker – on a range of business topics.

  • Futures … Megatrends and Metaverses … exploring your future market, developing more innovative strategies
  • Leadership … Curious and Courageous … leading the future, your business and self, smarter and faster
  • Innovation … Designers and Disruptors … transforming your future business through strategic innovation
  • Customers … Insights and Ideas … defining new customer agendas, delivering exceptional experiences
  • Brands … Markets to Movements … building trusted and engaging brands and marketing strategies
  • Sustainability … People and Planet … business as a platform for good, sustainability as innovation
  • Transformation … Vision into Value … driving sustained, profitable change, making strategy happen

He is also a highly experienced event host, working with you to deliver fabulous experiences, and a skilled workshop facilitator for boardrooms and larger business audiences.

“How will you create a better future for your business? … What does it take to lead in markets which are uncertain and complex? … Do you have the courage to step up?”

“What are the megatrends shaping your future, unlocking the new opportunities? … How can you harness these trends to your advantage? … How can you learn from the world’s most exciting companies, right now?”

“In finance, Visa and Paypal are more valuable than any bank … in energy, NextEra beats Exxon … in automotive Tesla is twice the value of Toyota, but sells 10 times less cars”

“What are the new skills required for leaders to thrive in this new world? … They are softer skills, more thoughtful, more empathetic … curious and creative, collaborative and courage”

“How will AI transform the future of your business?” … Peter Fisk is the guest futurist at Microsoft’s annual business leaders LQ Forum, in Los Angeles, California.

“Now is the time to think differently … create new hypothesis like Albert Einstein, make new connections like Leonardo da Vinci, and don’t be afraid to leap forwards like Picasso”

Every keynote, workshop and event is entirely customised to your audience … building on a wealth of insights and ideas from across the world, and from every sector … Peter works with you to develop the right keynote for your event, for your audience, and your aspirations.

First step, is to talk about your event ideas. Peter will then work with you to propose a range of ideas, maybe even stretch your own ideas, bring in other speakers or activities, and bring it all together in a one page “big idea” from the event, the key, the workshop will take shape.

Here are just some of his most recent topics:

Examples of keynote topics on futures and growth

  • Growing from the future back, making sense of the future, then working back to start making it happen.
  • Einstein and Picasso do business – harnessing your left brain and right brain to think big and small, creative and analytical, in today’s world.
  • Megatrends 2030 – what are the big global trends for business that will shape every market, and enable every company to win
  • Winning in kaleidoscope markets – making sense of change, where markets are infinite in scope and granularity
  • Finding the best growth opportunities – looking beyond your normal markets, to find the profits pools
  • Shaping the future in your own vision – the future is not an extension of the past, seize it for your advantage

Examples of keynote topics on innovation

  • Gamechangers: how the world’s most disruptive innovators are reshaping their and your world
  • Innovation by Leonardo da Vinci – how would he innovate, and make new connections, in today’s digital world
  • Sparking new insights by seeing things differently, and thinking different things
  • Design thinking made practical – gaining deeper insights to solve the big problems, and seize the best opportunities
  • Innovating every aspect of your customer propositions and experiences, to enable people to achieve more
  • People Planet Profit – embracing sustainability for more engaging innovation and profitable growth.
  • The Power of Ubuntu – unlocking the potential of all of us through more open, co-created innovation and collaborative consumption.

Examples of keynote topics on leadership

  • Leadership that drives innovation and growth – being fit for the future, and focused on action.
  • Amplifying the potential of people – dare to dream, care to collaborate, to achieve more together
  • Winning as a speedboat not a supertanker – fast, focused and flexible – in big companies and small.
  • Heads up not heads down – seeing where you are going to deliver performance today and tomorrow
  • Peak performance leaders – learning from sports, politics and arts – with vision, change and innovation
  • Aspiration – why your next generation of leaders have a big opportunity, and how they are different.
  • Bold, brave and brilliant – having the courage to lead a better future, daring to be more, and to make it happen.