WaveRiders” is a new transformational leadership program for business leaders, developed by Peter Fisk in partnership with Knowledge Group, available soon as an executive learning experience.

This page summarises the program structure, related self-study content and other resources. The learning journey for participants is essentially in this structure, and assumes a strategic capability to explore, connect and apply ideas.

Each of the 5 modules consists of 10 core videos (each 5-10 minutes), delivered by Peter Fisk, plus an introduction with objectives, and summary at the end.

Each module is supported by a range of additional self-study resources (linked below). There are 20 online resources for each module, 100 in total, to provide deeper insight and inspiration. Participants do not need to read everything, more to explore and connect relevant ideas.

There is also a toolkit for self-application of concepts. The tools are provided practical templates, and collectively contribute towards a self-assembled roadmap for strategy and implementation, to deliver impact in participants’ own organisations.

In total, this is a 30 hour study program, with cumulative 5 hours of video by Peter Fisk, provided in 60+ short video clips, plus a total of 25 hours of self study.

Module 1: Megatrends

Module 2: Purpose

Module 3: Moonshots

Module 4: Transformation

Module 5: Leadership