Gamechanger Toolkit 2022

The Gamechanger Project is your opportunity to develop a new blueprint for the future of your business – or even a new business of your own – and how you will make it happen. And it’s real. Your future business starts here.

The project helps you to apply all the best ideas and tools from the learning experiences as you progress – not just something you did at the very end.

You are smart and experienced, so you don’t need to just follow a process. But to help you, I have developed a toolkit with a wide range of templates and frameworks to help you think, and apply the Global AMP content.

The toolkit is a collection of templates to help you think and develop your projects, and tools which you may well find useful on in the future. The toolkit will be updated regularly with new tools as I develop them, or that became particularly useful.

Download the file for Gamechanger Toolkit 2022