The World in 2019 … ubiquitous AI, authentic realities, blockchain identities, immersive retail and brands mean more

January 6, 2019

After a rollercoaster year of political, environmental and economic change, business and consumers are taking a deep breath.

Brands are assuming a more meaningful role in consumers’ lives … becoming civic leaders, advocates, even therapists, driving dialogue change and stepping in to solve world problems.

Consumer appetite for wellbeing, stress management and health is prompting a continued evolution of new products and services to help soothe unstable, constantly connected lifestyles.

Against this backdrop of empowerment and wellness, technology’s reach is being re-examined, making way for an increased focus on ethics and privacy.

Here some more foresights for the year ahead:

  • JWT’s Future 100 trends for 2019 … outdoor immersion (back to nature) to grotesque beauty (bold and daring), woke luxury and empowering adolescence: Download here
  • Fjord’s consumer trends for 2019 … silence is gold, data minimalism, space odyssey and synthetic realities, and the inclusivity paradox: Download here
  • Mintel’s consumer trends for 2019 … total wellbeing to rethinking plastic, social isolation and redefining adulthood, and much more: Download here
  • Trendwatching’s consumer trends for 2019 … legislative brands to lab rats, superhuman resources and fantasy IRL where real and dream world’s collide: Download here
  • Dimension Data’s tech trends for 2019 ... easy accessibility for all to blockchain identities, data with privacy and the real internet of everything: Download here
  • Disruption’s tech trends for 2018 … digital twins and ubiquitous AI, quantum/edge and spatial computing, but with purpose too: Download here

And more in the form of videos …

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