Every breadth you take, every move you make … Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react

January 1, 2019

Your world changes, and so should you.

Yet so often we find comfort, security and laziness in staying the same. As human beings we have programmed ourselves to love stability, not change. To avoid testing situations, different and even challenging our norms. We steer clear of people who are not like us.

But the world keeps changing, and so should you.

Responding to the changes, facing the adversity and seizing the opportunity. As human beings we love newness, ideas and gadgets, entertainment and travel. Yet we embrace them in a way that doesn’t require us to change, to evolve to be different.

The alternative is to react.

Instead of meeting change with passive acceptance, and seek to accommodate it within our existing ways,  we should be active. If we find ourselves out of our depths, we should learn to swim. Or better find a higher ground. Instead of just responding we should go further, aim higher, do better.

So how do we thrive in a world of relentless change?

Life is less about what happens to you, much more about how you respond to it. As the changes we face grow bigger and come faster, more chaotic and confusing, how will you respond? Don’t passively watch in bewilderment. Do something about it. Better, different, further and faster.

Rise up to the opportunities of newness. Step up to believe in yourself and what you can do. Leap forwards to find a better place, to achieve more.

Now is your time to elevate.

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