Dragon Rouge’s vision of how brands will shape our future lives

December 15, 2018

Over the past few generations, Western ideas about family have shifted dramatically. People wait longer to have kids and many “boomerang” back to their parents’ homes before finally setting out on their own. When they do finally leave, they often scatter far away from their hometowns. The elderly, meanwhile, are sent off into old age homes instead of staying at home with their communities.

As more people move into cities, natural resources decline, climate change heats up, and the sharing economy continues to pick up steam, our notions of family will continue to shift. Dragon Rouge, a design and innovation firm in London, has come up with a vision of what family will look like in 2030, and how brands can respond to these future changes.

Dragon Rouge imagines five different types of families of the future: the Multi-Gens, the Silver Linings, Ruralites, the Tandem Tribe, and Modular Movers. They also work out how different brands might service each family type:

Dragon Rouge has most recently been working with Travis Perkins to understand the social, technological, environmental and economic forces that will shape the built environment in the UK over the coming decades.

They identified six long-term themes – from the rise of the circular economy to the advent of the intelligent environment – that we are now using as the basis of long-term innovation planning across the Group’s brand portfolio, from Wickes to City Plumbing, including new business model and proposition development.

They’ve turned the most exciting of these ideas into a video that Travis Perkins is sharing both internally and externally to excite people about the future of their business – a vision means nothing unless it sets an inspiring direction and results in tangible change.

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