Apple Park to Amazon Spheres, Googleplex to Facebook Campus … How garages and dorm rooms became corporate metropolises

September 10, 2018

A company’s workspace is a powerful image of its corporate might, but also a symbol of its culture, its approach to innovation, and its ambitions for the future.

Most famously, Apple Park officially opened in April 2017 as the new headquarters of Apple Inc. The campus, often called the “spaceship” thanks to its circular main building, houses thousands of Apple employees and incorporates renewable energy and green space to make a truly unique corporate space. The new campus serves as the primary headquarters of Apple, Inc, replacing 1 Infinite Loop, which is officially known as Apple Campus.

The distinctive circular design of the complex’s main building sets it apart from other tech headquarters, as well as other buildings in the area. Where the campus at 1 Infinite Loop was laid out like a university, Apple Park takes a more modern approach to its design. Precisely engineered curved glass panels are placed around the circumference of the building, with the levels of glass separated by massive, hollow concrete slabs that do the same.

Apple Park

Facebook Campus

Alphabet’s Googleplex

Amazon’s Spheres

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