Gamechangers Norway … from Antarctic superfood to gamified education, reinventing airlines and simplified telecoms

June 2, 2018

We live in an incredible time. More change in the next 10 years than in the last 250 years.

New technologies are transforming the ways in which we live and work. Technologies enable incredible change. It is how we unlock their potential that matters.

The most innovative businesses see the world differently.

They don’t just seek to imitate the success of others, to compete in the markets of today, to frame themselves by their relative differences to competitors. Instead they play their own game.

I call them “gamechangers”, and have spent the last 24 months running competitions around the world, to find and rank the world’s most innovative companies by sector and geography.

So what’s the “game”? Well, in simple terms, it’s the market.

These companies go beyond innovating their products and services, their customer experienes and business models. They seek to innovate how their markets work.

Think of it like a sports game. How could you change the game? It could be anything from the pitch dimensions to rules of play, the team composition to the measures of success, the role of the referee to the participation of fans. Even the name of the game.

Now look at today’s most disruptive innovators – 23andMe to Airbnb, Brewdog to Buzzfeed, Casper to Coursera – they reframe, reimagine and redefine the market on their terms – who is it for, why people buy, what they pay and get, and how they work.

So who are Norway’s potential “gamechangers”? And how will they reshape both domestic and global markets in which they are focused?

Aker BioMarine … harvesting krill, the superfood from Antarctica

Itera … the communication business “taking giant leaps”

Kahoot! … the game-based learning platform, now in over 180 countries

Norwegian Airlines … redefining long-haul low-cost air travel

Schibsted … international media group in 29 markets

DNV GL … the world’s largest classification society

OneCall … making telecoms cheap and easy

Komplett … e-commerce company with nine webshops

Stormberg … innovative outdoor sports retailer

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