Microsoft’s “Book of Dreams” helps business leaders to understand the growth opportunities of digital-enabled transformation

March 18, 2018

Digital technologies are challenging and enabling organisations to make huge change – in order to survive and respond to the disruptive strategies of others, and to drive innovation and growth in new and potentially exponential ways.

Whilst the transformation is about the whole business – its vision and strategy, its organisation and processes, its people and culture – the driving forces are most frequently, digital technologies.

Microsoft, with both its deep expertise and toolkits in technological change, but also with a installed base across most of the world’s organisations, is in the perfect place to be a driving and guiding force in helping companies achieve more effective digitally-enabled business transformation.

Microsoft’s Digital Advisory team has developed an interactive approach with business leaders, based around research and workshops, called “The Book of Dreams” . It is based on digital transformation patterns and practices derived from hundreds of customer engagements across industries. Through examples and discussion, this session will inspire you to identify opportunities and lead others in change to realize your digital aspirations.

An example of Microsoft’s “Book of Dreams” is here.

The approach described in the book is based on three phases: Dream, Design and Deliver:

Creating the Book of Dreams starts be exploring trends, then explores the potential vision and journey including future scenarios, which are then articulated as narratives and into potential value impact. A roadmap for transformation the emerges:

As an example, a key part is to explore how technologies can enhance or reinvent business processes such as marketing and sales, customer service and support. Cloud, AI, social media and related tools, all contributed to addressing the key challenge is to reimagine the customer experience, and how that can then be enabled through business-wide transformation:

As an example, here is how it worked for Metro Bank, the UK-based banking disruptor. By understanding how to embrace fast and proven technologies to transform aspects of its business, the bank was able to quickly deliver benefits around creating a faster, easier, and more personal customer experience.

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