Prada sells paper clips for $185 … Balenciaga sells plastic bags for $1150 … Supreme sells bricks for $50

June 25, 2017

Hot on the heels of Balenciaga which recently launched a sell-out plastic carrier bag for a crazy price of $1150, Prada is the latest brand to join the craze for selling extravagant everyday things we never knew we needed

The Italian design house has launched a fancy version of a paperclip that will set you back $185. Made from polished sterling silver, the common office supply is actually designed to clip your money together. It is available exclusively at

Marketed as a Paperclip-shaped Money Clip, it measures at just 6cm in length with the only design feature being a small ‘Prada’ logo embossed on the side. Unsurprisingly, shoppers are finding it hard to justify the extreme price point.

“$185 for a paperclip? This thing better be able to hold my life together,” one user wrote. Another added, “By the time I buy the paperclip, there won’t be enough for it to hold.”

Others commented on the fact that they would like to be in the financial position where they could afford to spend such an extravagant amount of money on a paperclip.

“Prada made a $185 paperclip, that is the level of extra I strive to be,” someone wrote.

However, if you’re falling short after forking out on that Balenciaga bag, never fear because Barneys is also selling a cheaper version for a bargain $140.

And if you still think all that is crazy, skateboard brand Supreme last year launched a branded brick, a standard red brick with its logo on it, for $50. It sold out in minutes.

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