Leading the Future … a series of white papers for business leaders to drive smarter innovation and faster growth.

May 10, 2017

“Leading the Future” is a series of white papers by Peter Fisk exploring the challenges and opportunities to drive smarter innovation and accelerate growth in today’s incredible world.

You can explore and download each of the white papers here:

Leadership, Change and Development 

  • The 10x Leader … “Today’s ambitious business leaders think 10x not 10% … enabling them to reframe opportunities, to solve problems in new ways, and to drive more innovative growth.”
  • Amplifying PotentialLeading in a connected world is about amplifying the potential of other people – of their ideas and assets, activities and partners, and of the brand and business – and is achieved through the “4Cs” of leadership.”
  • Are you the Einstein or Picasso of Business? … “Business leaders need to combine four “fusions” to create a winning business … to drive innovation and growth in more intelligent and stretching, engaging and practical ways … and with a touch of genius.”
  • Moonshot Thinking … We live in an incredible time, with more change in the next 5 years than the last 250 years. New tech, new markets, new possibilities. How will you focus, compete and win in this exponential world?”
  • Never Stop Reinventing … “What does it take to win in today’s world of relentless change and innovation? How can business sustain a continual flow of innovation to beat competitors, and delight the ever more expectant consumer?”
  • What will you do when you grow up? … “Young people have opportunities like never before … But growing up can be daunting – academic study, future jobs, social media, peers and parents … What would you advise your son or daughter to do?”

Futures, Innovation and Growth

  • Better World … How can a business connect purpose and profit, to drive innovation that has a positive social and environmental impact, to create a business that makes life better, and delivers sustainable growth?
  • Change the Game … Today’s market leaders don’t just play the game – they redefine the markets in which they compete, the rules by which they play – and shape the future to their advantage.”
  • Eureka Moments … “Airbnb started with an air mattress, Red Bull’s inspiration was a waitress in Bangkok, WhatsApp was the vision of a penniless Ukrainian. How do great brands find their best opportunities to accelerate growth?”
  • Finding your Magic … “Learning through fast and lean experimentation and innovation … then having the boldness and agility to “pivot”, to change strategy and direction … to move from mediocrity to magic.”
  • Innovate like Leonardo Da Vinci … “Leonardo da Vinci offers a more inspired approach to innovation in today’s business world … How can you apply his seven principles to explore new ideas, make new connections, and create the future?”
  • Innovative Business models … Business models come in many different forms … Think beyond “make and sell” to explore licensing, subscriptions, reversals, one for ones, and more … Redesign your whole business to accelerate growth.”
  • Market Makers … Innovate your market, then innovate your business … Aeromobil and Tesla, Nespresso and ARM are great examples of reframing, reimagining and redefining your market and how it works … shaping the market in your own vision.”

Customers, Brands and Marketing

  • Bolder Braver Brands“Airbnb’s fight for equality, Starbuck’s home for refugees and Zuckerberg’s future vision … Brands who want to engage people need to have an attitude and personality, to be bold and brave in a polarising world.”
  • Building Brands like Pixar make Movies“Pixar is an amazing business. Built on imagination and creativity, harnessing digital technologies to create the most engaging characters. What can brands learn from their ideas, process and storytellers?”
  • Customer Experiences that Enable More … “Brands need to think beyond the touchpoints that their customers “experience”, to helping them to achieve what they really want – to be the enabler of dreams and success.”
  • The New Luxury … “How has the meaning of luxury changed in a world of abundance, digital platforms and millennial mindsets? What do people really value now? How can luxury brands win in this new world?”
  • Roadmap to Customer Centricity … “Becoming a customer-centric business is not easy. It is much more than good products and great service. It requires a new cultural mindset, organisation alignment, and relentless innovation.”
  • The New Rules of Marketing … “Marketing has fundamentally changed … Growth hacking, platform innovation, social influencers, enabling experiences and exponential results … there has never been a more exciting time for marketers.”
  • Winning Private Labels … “Retailer’s own-label brands can be more powerful and profitable than classic brands … enabling richer experiences for consumers, and faster and better growth.”

 Workshops … stretching ideas and practical action

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