The best management ideas of the year … millennials and globalisation, platforms and good leadership

December 23, 2016

As director of Thinkers50, the global ranking of the world’s best management thinkers, I spend a lot of time scanning, curating and making sense of the best ideas in business. Of course it doesn’t follow that the top academics will produce the best new ideas.

As Chip and Dan Heath say in their book Made to Stick, good ideas need to be something that is distinctive, practical and contagious. Or in their “SUCCESS” model – simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, stories.

Many of the ideas that stood out this year fall  into two categories:  1. streams of management research that gathered momentum or brought new data to an old debate and 2. management thinking applied outside the sphere of what we ordinarily think of as management to help make sense of global risks, political choices, and economic, social, and technological shifts.

The list below, coming from Harvard Business Review, shows that good, principled, innovative management can help us solve our way out of even the most difficult problems:

Inequality rising

Globalisation fears

Good (and bad) leadership

Doing deals

Diversity problems

AI and machine learning

MBA failure

Millennials are normal

Scandal impact

Finally, here are the most popular articles of the year in eight of the most important topics HBR covers. I highly recommend saving and reading any you haven’t already read!

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