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September 24, 2016

What’s your future story? Your strategic script that engages people in your vision and strategy? Your business narrative that connects the many different voices, messages and activities of your company?

Together with Thinkers50 founders, authors and journalists, Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer, we have created a methodology, that can be practically applied to your business.

It brings together

  • the story of your future (including your past, but focuses on your purpose, potential and path)
  • aligning all the narratives (vision, strategy, brand, values, culture, leaders)
  • engaging, enabling and evolving (all stakeholders, calls to action, keeps moving)
  • and then an ongoing thread for communication (PR, thought leadership etc)

DSM, the Dutch chemical company, is a great example of using storytelling to engage employees and customers in the relaunch of their brand, seeking to reposition their business as a future creator, a sustainable innovator, human and passionate.

They created a film called “Bright Now”, which was originally shown to 22,000 employees in movie theaters around the world, 48 hours before they officially launched their new brand about “Bright Science. Brighter Living.”

The Business Storyteller is built on established processes, tools and ways of working together. It is delivered through any combination of

  • 3 day “storytelling lab” as a business school program, but also delivered in your business
  • consulting to CEOs, strategy directors, brand, marketing and communication directors
  • coaching support to leaders, prior to major speeches, or in formulating new ideas
  • framework to design and script big corporate events, and component speakers

It brings together a wide range of academic, creative and practical approaches from the worlds of business and beyond:

  • defining business purpose, “outside in” and “future back” (typically part of strategy workshops)
  • “strategic horizons”, road maps to strategy implementation (simplifying the phases of change)
  • brand strategy, “liquid and linked” communication planning, and customer value propositions
  • “culture web”, using symbols and structure (soft and hard) to drive culture change
  • the SCQA of “pyramid thinking” (driven by the change curve of human emotions)
  • the 16 story models and Pixar methodologies as defined in Creative Genius.

Thinkers50 has also recently established a Storytelling Lab in the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, in Odense, Denmark. However the approach can also be customised to your individual needs, and delivered anywhere in the world.

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