Case study of British Airways “Visit Mum” Campaign … analysing data from over 1,400 worldwide routes revealed untapped sales opportunities

March 30, 2016

British Airways, the United Kingdom’s largest airline in terms of fleet, routes and revenue, was looking for opportunities to increase North American sales.

The airline was aiming for 10 percent business growth in North America. However, flights to and from the United Kingdom generated the most revenue, and were not expected to grow dramatically.

Analyzing available data and over 1,400 worldwide airline routes revealed an untapped opportunity in the route between North America and India.

To build awareness, a short film was created, telling the story of an expat son’s surprise visit to his mum in India after a separation of 15 years.

The touching reunion between mother and son, made possible by British Airways, was distributed exclusively online, and coupled with social and search-intent data.

The video received over a million views on YouTube and over 125,000 shares on Facebook. Ticket sales from North America to India on increased by 65 percent.

British Airways’ share of the North America to India route increased from 5 percent to 38 percent.

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