Peter Fisk on Periscope … 5 minutes during the European Marketing Summit in Istanbul 2015

December 10, 2015

Peter Fisk has hosted (designed and chaired) the MCT European Marketing Conference over the last 11 years. Each year it attracts around 2500 marketers from across the region, and best keynote speakers from across the world, to explore the latest ideas in brands and marketing, customers and innovation.

Peter Fisk took 5 minutes during a frantic two days to talk about his hopes and dreams for this year’s event, themed around a global treasure hunt, bringing together 80 marketing ideas over 2 days from 4 regions of the world. The ideas have been found by expert Cool Brand hunters, and crowdsourcing.

He also talks about some of the big opportunities for Turkish business, and companies in every country, to grow in an incredible world of challenge and change. He describes The Monk and The Riddle, and why the journey can be even rewarding than the destination, and some of the best brands and marketers who inspire him right now.



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