My new book “Gamechangers” has just arrived!

December 1, 2014

London, UK

Exciting day … My new book has finally arrived. After 18 months of writing, 80,000 words on 300 pages, 100 case studies from around the world, 10 themes to rethink your business, and also   16 practical canvases to make it happen … it’s here … and it looks amazing too!

Global and local markets are changing so incredibly fast, that companies need to do something more radical to get ahead. Improvement, evolution, incrementalism is not enough. Leadership requires disruption, imagination, and the boldness to embrace new technologies for more radical innovation. Or you could say – “don’t play the game” (live by the old market models, the rules defined by somebody else) – “change the game”

So I set out on a personal journey around the world … I wanted to find 100 examples of companies who really are “changing the world” – embracing new technologies, breaking the old rules, finding ways to make life better. I asked business leaders from Asia to Africa to Americas which companies they thought were “shaking things up” … and therefore found 10 great examples, from 10 sectors.

You can see all the 100 Gamechangers at the book’s website

Every business can learn something from their “secrets” … sometimes it was because they found new markets, new customer segments and needs, or new business models, or new technologies and capabilities, created new propositions with realtime engagement and storytelling, or new channels and network partnerships, or new customer experiences, or new frameworks to deliver more profitable growth and sustainable impact. The book gives you a structured process to “change your game” in a relevant, practical, disruptive and inspiring way.

You can get your copy of the book … currently with 30% discount … from Amazon

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