From Carlos Lopes to Orlando Magic 

October 7, 2014

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s Carlos Lopes is one of my heroes. He was a runner’s runner. For years he was almost successful, usually outkicked by the likes of seventies icons Lasse Viren or Brendan Foster. But as he approached his 40th birthday, the years of training, steely ambition and finely-tuned racing brain paid off. In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Marathon he struck gold. The world record followed a year later. So it was great to be back in Lisbon, and sharing my admiration.

SAS Institute is a leader in data analytics, so it was impressive that they had attracted around 1500 people to a seminar on what might seem a slightly boring subject. But every strategist, innovator, marketer, customer service and salesperson today cannot ignore the power of analytics to focus their effort, find new insights, and personalise their solutions.  It’s all in our heads. Out left and right brains that is.  Analysis needs intuition to focus and interpret. Big picture and small detail. Intelligence is matched by imagination.  We need our left and right brains to win in this new world. Just like Einstein and Picasso.

Big Data + Big Ideas = Left brain + Right brain = Intelligence + Imagination = Big Impact

Anthony Perez then gave an insight into how big data is transforming the world of sports and entertainment at Orlando Magic, the NBA basketball team. As VP of Business Strategy (including data analytics, digital marketing, but not the rest of marketing!) he is responsible for making money out of focused intelligence. But it takes insight and intuition too. What is the most effective way to get people to renew their season ticket? How to ensure full stadia when many ticket holders don’t show? What would people pay to high five their heroes? Find out here.

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