Marketing Genius in Asia’s Boomtown

June 26, 2014

Jakarta, Indonesia 

Indonesia really is one of the most exciting emerging (fast growing) markets. Whilst China and India grab all the attention, Jakarta has become a tech metropolis, and the huge new middle class has a great desire for brands that symbolize and enable a better life. In many ways similar to countries like Mexico and Turkey, the youthful population walk with smartphones in hand, wirelessly connected to a new world of possibilities.

Frontier is the leading marketing publishing and training company in Indonesia, and we’re working together to put on Marketing Genius Live, an inspiring one day interactive masterclass, in a country where there is a thirst for knowledge, entrepreneurship is everywhere, and growth is faster than China or India (and almost anywhere else!).

My book Marketing Genius is now 8 years old, but still a bestseller on Amazon, and particularly in Asia. Translated into more than 35 languages it keeps on spreading. Of course marketing moves on at a rapid pace, as do the best examples. On top of that a one-day masterclass with 150 people is long enough to get to know people, and solve some real problems (the most exciting part!).

So what would I include in Marketing Genius in 2014, that I didn’t in 2006?

  • Amazon sells everything … the whole idea of sectors is dead, everything converges,  any brand can sell anything.
  • Real-time marketing … campaigns are dead, advertising is wallpaper, people respond to fast, topical and relevant engagement.
  • Millennials and Mobiles … markets are influenced by a new generation, who also see the mobile device as the centre of everything.
  • Design thinking … despite the name it simply means, start with deeper customer insight, explore ideas, and the aesthetic power of design
  • Customer co-creation … customers are your best R&D team, with better ideas, developed, tested, produced, delivered and supported together
  • The legacy of Steve Jobs … fanatical, obsessive, visionary … I developed a 3 day masterclass about his leadership, innovation and marketing.
  • New business models … beyond Osterwalder’s canvas, brands from eBay to Nespresso demonstrate the power of innovating the whole business
  • Collaborative consumption … what’s yours is mine, indeed why do we buy so much stuff and hardly ever use it, lets share it and have more fun
  • Brand movements … brands are about people, their ambitions and passions, so bring them together, to do better what they love
  • Zuckerberg speaks Chinese … ok having a Chinese girlfriend helps, but maybe its time for every English-speaking CEO to learn a new language?

You can read about all these topics, plus 100 new case studies and 16 practical roadmaps, in my forthcoming book “Gamechangers” which is finished and waiting to be published by Wiley. Next year I will be back in Jakarta working again with Frontier to create another one day masterclass plus “Gamechangers Indonesia” competition to find the best local innovators.

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