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April 29, 2014

Think of Beirut, and you probably think of a war-torn city, stuck in the middle of multiple warzones, and with danger round every corner. True, but its also a beautiful city, for many the Cote d’Azur of the Middle East, and full of modern, peaceful people who have spirit and a joy for life.  Well educated and ambitious, Lebanese entrepreneurs flaunt their fast cars and designer clothes, although many more have migrated overseas. I’m here to keynote the 2014 International Franchise Conference, and my message is simple. Lebanon has got so many great ideas, innovative brands and businesses, that franchising is the fastest and simplest way to take them to a wider world. The local market is limited, but the local talent is great. This isn’t a problem. Become a global design lab!

Aline Kamacian is typical of local innovators. I’m sitting in her rustic Mayrig restaurant,sampling incredible range of foods, and finishing off the case study for my forthcoming “Gamechangers” book. She explains how her passion came from her grandmother, to keep the culture of Armenian cooking alive, even when their homeland has largely disappeared. One restaurant become two, in Dubai, then Paris, then New York. She now has a big kitchen with hundreds of women cooking her grandmother’s recipes, then flying them worldwide to the latest venues (some is made there), whilst also developing a premium food-to-go business, and a second brand Batchig to reach a younger audience.

Mayrig is one of the 100 Global Gamechangers … more at

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