Big Data and the $1.4 billion Magic Bands

January 24, 2014

Disneyland Paris, France

Big data is a hot topic. Brands can now build mountains of data, from consumer needs to operational tracking, retail transactions to social media chat. SAS Institute is a leader in helping business to turn all this information into real insight that can drive useful and profitable action. But data is complex and intimidating which means too many business leaders, marketers and innovators steer clear. The thing is analysts can do the analysis, what they need is imagination.

Big Data + Big Ideas = Left brain + Right brain = Big Impact

How could you transform the customer’s experience? Where are the new revenue streams? How could you innovate your business model? What really drives customer advocacy? Here in Disneyland Paris I explored first hand, Disney’s new $1.4 billion big data investment. MagicBands could transform your next visit. No more queues, expensive food, impersonal service. Instead a “smart” experience that brings the magic to life just for you.

Download my keynote presentation on turning big data into business results.

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