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December 1, 2013

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” claimed Apple. “Simple is harder than complex. You have to have to get your thinking clean. But if you can, you can move mountains” said Steve Jobs. “Everything we do is about making things as simple and beautiful as possible” added Jony Ive.

In a complex world, simplicity stands out. Clarity instead of confusion, decision instead of doubt. It’s about getting focused in everything you do. Focusing on your best customers, so you can allocate more attention where it matters. Relevant not average. Focusing on your best products, eliminating those that add cost or confusion. Focusing on your message, simple and memorable. Focusing on your design. Stripping out clutter, unnecessary functionality, adding form and beauty.

Focus and simplicity creates the space to engage customers more clearly. But it’s about finding the right space, the one which matters most to our target customers and ourselves. It’s about finding purpose … A core idea that resonates with people much more strongly than products and prices, even service and incentives. At the heart of a great brand is an inspiring purpose – for Coca Cola its about “moments of happiness”, for Amazon “freedom of choice”, for Swarovski “sparkle everyday” … Why is your brand here? How does it make life better? … If your purpose resonates, then it can amplify emotionally, through products and networks, engagement and advocacy.

“The Magic Marketing Machine” is a fun way of capturing this dynamic – Focus, Simplify, Resonate, Amplify, Impact. Indeed the impact can be significant. New research shows that simplicity can add 5.9% price premium, ¬†and 75% more people are likely to recommend the brand. German brand Aldi was voted the world’s most simple brand, not because it was cheap, but clear and relevant. Ryanair, with its hidden charges and arrogant leader, was found the least simple. Search and retail the best sectors. Insurance the worst.

Whilst in Istanbul, I will also be exploring a range of other topics – workshops on Marketing Genius and Customer-Centricity, special sessions on Innovation Strategy and Innovation Culture. At MCT’s International Marketing Summit, with around 2500 attendees as well as the “MMM” I will also be doing a “BrandLab” practical clinic on Brand Innovation – what I think is the most powerful and important capability for business in the coming years. And we’ll also be launching “Change the Game” next year’s Gamechangers agenda in Turkey … a nationwide competition, finding the local brands that are shaking up markets, workshops and programs, and a two day summit next year.

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