XT … Where to Play by Marc Gruber

Choosing the right market for your innovation is the biggest, and trickiest, question for innovators. Research has shown that all too often entrepreneurs don’t spend enough time identifying and researching their market opportunities – instead they jump at the first opportunity that looks good, and fail to properly evaluate and leverage other opportunities. These common mistakes means that you often choose the wrong market or lock yourself into one specific direction.

Where to Play helps you to set a promising strategy, by giving a clear, structured and practical framework – the Market Opportunity Navigator- to better identify, evaluate and focus on the right market opportunities. With three dedicated and reusable worksheets covering:

Market Opportunity Set – assess your core strengths and identify which market opportunities exist for your business

Attractiveness Map – evaluate your market opportunities to reveal the most attractive option for focus

Agile Focus Strategy – create a strategic plan for your chosen market opportunity that keeps you open-minded and agile


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