XT … 36 Ideas and Trends for 2016 by Canvas8

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How will VR change the way we book holidays? Why will we soon be WhatsApping our favourite brands? And how has time become the ultimate luxury? The 2016 Expert Outlook includes ideas from 36 of the Canvas8 Network on what to expect in 2016.

Last year in ‘Joined-up Thinking’, the 2015 Canvas8 Expert Outlook, we spoke to over 30 experts about how they thought emerging innovations will impact how we live, shop and work. And indeed, as predicted, the smartest brands have made the glittering possibilities of new technology feel familiar and everyday – from hailing a cab at the touch of a button to paying for your groceries with the swipe of your wrist.

As a result, people expect speedy and seamless services that fit exactly into their lives as standard. In 2016, the brands that meet and surpass these great expectations will be those those that offer an ‘oooh moment’ – something that surprises and delights while doing the most mundane of tasks. Whether it’s being able to request a refund for a pair of trainers on WhatsApp or splitting a bill with a friend on your mobile bank. Smart innovators will be those that understand their customers’ preferred platforms and can infiltrate their daily routines.

This year, in ‘Mobile Moments’ we spoke to three experts from 12 sectors about the key themes and developments to expect in 2016. The full series of sector-specific reports can be found via the related articles below. The key trends have been collected in a visual snapshot summarising what to expect in 2016. It’s available to download here.

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