XL … The Future of Work by IFTF and Reconteur

As we face the fourth – and fastest – industrial revolution, businesses and individuals are confronted with a dizzying array of technological advances that most of us are struggling to keep up with, let alone decipher. However, it’s vital we all embrace and harness the power of digital in order to succeed. The Future of Work Report uncovers how businesses and employees can adapt to a digitally disrupted world, the six biggest future threats to business and the rise of the gig economy. In addition, it offers advice on ensuring staff maintain a good work-life balance, bridging generational divides, and building trust between employers and employees.

Working with the IFTF, we developed a “big picture” understanding of this changing world, summarised in the following infographic:


Automation, on-demand platforms, and task-routing practices are rapidly disrupting the workforce and transforming the landscape of labor economics. At times, these changes seem to be outpacing our ability to analyze impacts, design for positive outcomes, and set policies that could assure workable futures for everyone. The IFTF Workable Futures Initiative is a call-to-action for policymakers, platform developers, corporate strategists, and change advocates to blueprint positive platforms for people who work—and indeed to rethink the future of work itself.

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Ross Dawson has been thinking about the future of work too. This is his view of the emerging landscape:


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