Walking in the Customer’s Shoes

Every business is attempting to attract and serve its customers, whilst many companies are also appreciating the value in retaining and building relationships with existing customers.

They do this by developing better products and delivering better service. They have probably embraced customer first programmes, market research, new products, process reengineering and measuring customer satisfaction. They might have developed loyalty schemes, databases, built call centres, improved service levels, and introduced balanced scorecards.

However, most businesses are still not approaching their customers in a particularly focused or integrated manner. They typically seek to maximise the numbers of customers, rather than being selective in which customers to work with. They typically develop solutions which attempt to satisfy everybody, but delight nobody. They typically work separately in their functional silos, rather than working together for customers. They typically deliver inconsistent levels of service, rather than together delivering a seamless customer experience.

So what makes a great customer experience?

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