Think Magazine, March 2018 … the new magazine from Thinkers50 in Europe

Think Magazine is the new journal of Thinkers50 in Europe, a regular publication for business leaders that brings together the best new ideas from around the world, with the issues and opportunities for European business.

Thinkers50Europe is the fast-growing community of business leaders and thinkers across Europe, seeking to share local and global insights and inspirations to help them innovate and grow. Together we believe that ideas can change the world.

With local partners and networks in each country, the community comes together for the annual Thinkers50 European Business Forum hosted by the City of Odense, in Denmark. This year it will focus on “Making Better Choices” and feature global thinkers like the world’s #1 thinker, Roger Martin, plus Google’s EMEA chairman Matt Brittin, Switzerland’s business modelling Alex Osterwalder, and many more.

The EBF has quickly established itself as┬áthe best business event in Europe, focused on the big issues and ideas for business leaders. This year also including new features such as an Innovation Safari. Odense – birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, and now Europe’s leading robotics hub – is the perfect place to explore and write the story of the future of business.

Thinkers50Europe also offers a wide range of knowledge, both online articles and videos, and through a regular program of seminars, workshops and education. More at Thinkers50Europe

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