The Win-Win Customer Experience

Gamechangers do more than sell products, they create and deliver an experience that immerses the customer in the brand, and goes beyond the sale to help them apply products better and achieve more together.

See me, feel me, thrill me … Harley Davidson’s CEO eloquently describes the experience by which he seeks to bring his brand to life:

“It’s one thing to have people buy your products, it’s another for them to tattoo your name on their bodies … What we sell is the ability for a 43 year old accountant to dress in black leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of him.”

Brands and propositions are delivered through every possible medium that the organisation can utilise – from names and logos to leaders and buildings, products and services to advertising and brochures, colours and packaging to uniforms and interiors, culture and behaviours to training and rewards.

Jan Carlson, the former CEO of Scandinavian Airlines gave every one of his employees a little black book called Moments of Truth, where the few words inside spelt out incredibly simply, how every interaction is an opportunity to make or break a lifetime relationship with that customer.

However customer “experiences” are much more than just consistent delivery across all the different touchpoints – it’s about ensuring that the journey (not just the flight, in the airline’s case, but from the first moment of need, until the mission is accomplished) is connected and coherent, consistent and complete. On top of this it’s about bringing it to life, making it distinctive and relevant, and ultimately adding value at every point along the way. It’s the customer’s experience, not the business’ experience …

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