The Making of a Business Genius

What do the most successful businesses do differently than mediocre ones? They see the big picture. They see things differently and do different things. They connect the unconnected, challenge the conventions, look for new opportunities, and are not afraid to try new ideas. They are inspired businesses, with a sense of “genius” about them.

What is genius?

Geniuses have given the world everything from Theory of Relativity to penicillin to the World Wide Web. But what is genius? Academics and philosophers have long tried to define the answer.

Based on the latest research, it is clear that while genius is often thought to equate purely to intelligence, it is not necessary to have an extraordinarily high IQ, to speak 15 languages by the age of 8, or to master the intricacies of quantum mechanics. Genius is less about how intelligent you are, and more about how you apply that intelligence in creative ways.

From Aristotle to Mozart to Einstein to Picasso to Warren Buffett, every genius throughout history has displayed the following nine characteristics of genius …

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