Realtime Marketing

Rockstars know that there is a fine line between success and failure. There isn’t a set formula to be cool, why one record will be a global mega-hit and another won’t feature, or what it takes to be worshiped by millions of teenagers across the globe.

Sometimes things just work. They hit on a sweet spot, they find a vibe. They resonate.

I first explored resonance in a physics lab, when too electromagnetic waves get “in synch” they start vibrating much more than normal – sonic boom, flash of light. The analogy is not scientific, it is about finding that point where, despite crowds and noise, brands and individuals are “in synch” … they resonate.

When I push my daughters on their swing, it seems hard work at first, but then the swing builds momentum until it finds a “natural resonance”, a frequency at which the swing moves further and easier than at any other.

Most brands find this hard to do, to find a natural resonance, to be in tune with their customer’s worlds.

Too many brands are obsessed about themselves. They are driven by their own goals and priorities, launching a campaign to sell everyone the product they want to sell at a time when they want to. They target the TV shows we most love, interrupting them to sell us something which we are not in the mood for buying. They incentivise us with coupons and loyalty points to buy more of what we don’t need.

Finding the right frequency of brand communication, proposition or narrative that “resonates” with your audience therefore becomes essential …

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