Purpose-Driven Leadership

Leaders of some of the world’s largest businesses are taking steps to redefine capitalism. They are driven to this change by employees, customers and investors who expect them to contribute positively to society. In order to be fit for the future, they recognize that they must align corporate purpose and profit.

Purpose is about ‘the ambition to create value by contributing to the welfare of society.’

The New Business Logic

As expectations for business shift beyond the bottom line, CEOs at the forefront of this new movement are beginning to take a more holistic view of their role in the world. Becoming systems thinkers means avoiding practices with negative collateral effects and instead of aiming to generate positive effects on both their organizations and the world by developing systems value that’s anchored in corporate purpose.

Partnerships for Collective Impact

In a world facing interrelated challenges, organizations are looking to new types of long-term, purpose-aligned partnerships. This helps them generate innovation on a large scale. In this section, we outline some of the ways businesses are successfully leveraging these new partnerships.

Profit and Purpose

We take an in-depth look at the remarkable work that 30 of the world’s top leaders are doing to integrate profit and purpose at scale within their organizations. Specifically, we identify and analyze the steps they are taking to equip employees for a future of engagement through purpose.

Organizational Agility

We focus on the evolution of organizational design and discover how pioneering leaders structure their organization to drive the transition towards purpose-driven growth. We also share insights on how these agile structures are helping to unleash employee potential and empower the innovation needed to deliver on systems value propositions.

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