Insights and ideas: “Now+Next 2018” by Peter Fisk

Smarter technology, innovative brands and courageous leadership …

We live in an incredible time … More change in the next 10 years, than in the last 250 years … Connected technologies, augmented intelligence, and possibilities limited only by our imaginations.

Elon Musk says we live in a time of profound progress – accelerated by his Tesla cars, SpaceX rockets and Hyperloop tubes, he hopes. Ray Kurzweil beckons us towards his point of singularity, an exponential journey where man fuses with machine. Alibaba’s Jack Ma, who went from English teacher to $480bn CEO, simply says he’s having the best party ever.

But it doesn’t always feel exciting. Complexity and change can often challenge our established ways of thinking, the frame in which we see our world, and the choices we make.

Peter Fisk explores the best new ideas, the practical innovations, and the new opportunities for business and brands, innovation and leadership:

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