MASH+UP April 2015

Apple Watch is upon us, with a very different marketing approach. From the iPod 14 years ago, to the iPad 5 years ago, Apple’s strategy was product-centric, focused on the device, with limited options. Apple Watch is human-centric, not about the device but about what you can do with it. It’s about living better. From personal wellbeing and fitness tracking, to efficiency and fashion, it is about you, emotion and personal – enabling you to do more.

It also has the potential to bring the “internet of things” into the mainstream. Kevin Ashton, a 46 year old technologist from Birmingham UK is responsible for that rather clumsy term, having played with RFID-tagged logistics as an assistant brand manager at P&G. Moving to MIT he created a fictional Mexican social media guru called Santiago Swallow who seeks to educate the world about the real potential of networks and connectivity.

Now we have a promise of 50 billion connected “things” transforming the way we live, travel, shop, work and more. From the intelligent Nest thermostats, developed by ex-Apple designer Tony Fadell and acquired by Google for $3.2bn last year, to Amazon Dash, which has just launched magic brand buttons to place around your home. Touch the Tide button on your washing machine, and a new box of washing powder is delivered to your door (often on the same day). This is revolutionary for consumer brands, building a direct connection in the home. Forget shopping lists, forget shops, innovation is all about making life better …

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