Market Makers: Strategies for Disruptive Growth

Gamechangers seek to out-think and out-play their competitors by changing the game … they envision and articulate their market, then change the dynamics of competition, with new expectations and impacts … shaping markets in their own vision.

Finding the new opportunities for growth

In 1940 Henry Ford famously said “Mark my word, a combination of airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile but it will come.”

When I was launching Gamechangers in Central Europe, I asked business leaders across the region to nominate the brands and businesses who they thought were most shaking up the region’s markets. Some amazing concepts were nominated – from Rimac’s million-dollar supercars in Croatia, to the incredible Ukrainian digital gloves that turn sign language into spoken words – but I was not expecting a winner like Aeromobil.

Stefan Klein grew up in Bratislava, the beautiful capital of Slovakia, just a 30 minute drive across the border from the much larger metropolis of Vienna. His father and grandfather had infused in him a love of flying small planes, but his career had taken him to the car industry, becoming the head of research for Volkswagen and BMW. But for the last 20 years, the academic and artist, had pursued his dream to create a flying car …

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